Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How do you promote TrafficWave?

I recently received an email from a new referral who wrote, "Thanks for the welcome email and slide show. I joined TrafficWave after seeing your splash page on one of the TE's. What method of promotion do you recommend for TrafficWave's Matrix-Buster concept?'


Here is my reply...

Obviously, TE's do work. I admit, though, that they are sloooooooow. So patience is important. In fact, it's VITAL to this business in general because most people give up and quit way too soon. All of this takes longer than everybody thinks it does or should. Anyway, I'm upgraded in 6 or 7 TE's (I lose count) and I use them heavily.

I also have four hosted FFA pages with mailers that send out daily emails. One is at TrafficWave, one is at Monster-Traffic, one is at FFA Storm and one is at FFA Blaze.

I like Viral URL too and I like to keep at least 500 credits there at all times. The Free Traffic Bar is good. I also blog regularly and submit my posts to blog carnivals. I Tweet my posts as well. BTW, blog posts do (eventually) pick up search engine traffic. To that end, I use SpinSuccess to drive search engine traffic to my blog also.

Once a month, I buy the 50,000 Guaranteed Visitor package from TrafficWave for the main affiliate page, which seems to convert the best. That package comes with extra promotional goodies that they throw in as a bonus. To me, it's worth the cost.

I comment on other people's blogs and in forums and I just generally try to get as many back-links to my blog as possible out there. I also market with Pyrabang, Affiliate Funnel and other things through which I can send mailings and post links. Naturally, I mail to my list as well. Oh, and I also leave GDI business cards everywhere. You see, anyone who signs up for GDI, I send to my blog where they will be exposed to TrafficWave as well - and visa versa. I cross-promote, as most who join one will often join the other one too. That's what my '30-Day Success System' is all about.

And I've got some other permanent links and hosted pages out there too that, to be quite honest, I've forgotten about. About the only things I don't do very often are safelists and classifieds, although I am looking at some nationwide newspaper classifieds soon. It's just hard to be everywhere and do everything. I think it's best to find a few methods of advertising that work for you and then get better and better at doing those - and you have to be relentless! Another thing I like to do is find blogger.com profiles with the same interests as mine and become a 'follower'. It's kind of a sucker-fish strategy, but my face & link to my blog are on a LOT of other people's blogs out there!

As you know, that slideshow is up on YouTube now but since you are on my team I can send you the original PowerPoint to use anyway you see fit. Replace my picture and name with yours, change the wording - do whatever you want! The really great thing about the TrafficWave matrix is that we really aren't 'competing' against each other. Our efforts help each other as you will learn once you have your sign-ups and so on.

All told, I devote as much time as humanely possible to the laborious task of my promotions everyday (I'm also a full-time student!) and I spend about $300.00 a month on my program fees, advertising and advertising services - some months even more. One of my long term projects for '09/'10 is a viral ebook that will grow our matrix as well.

But all said and done, the single most important thing is to just stick with it and never, never quit.