Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Google Analytics Change History Feature

Similar to the Google AdWords Change History tool, Analytics is rolling out with its own version over the next few weeks. Exclusively for users who have administrative access, the tool lists:

• Date column: The date and time of the activity

• Email column: Which Analytics user performed the activity

• Activity column: The Analytics object (e.g., account, user, profile, goal, filter), and what activity was performed on the object (e.g., added to account, created, deleted)

The days of mystery in trying to figure out who changed what within your account are long gone. For companies who have more than one person accessing their account (e.g., other employees or outside agencies), you now have the necessary tool for complete accountability. This log will maintain a record of activities within the account for the last 180 days.

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Today's webinar - Creating and Sharing Exceptional Content on Blogger! (webinar)

Since its inception, Blogger has remained one of the leading social sites for personal and business blogging purposes. But many people have either given up, switched to smaller platforms or continue to struggle with their Blogger setups. In this webinar, presented by IMC host Matt Wooddy, we'll explore how easy it is for you to maintain your business Blogger account. Topics from sharing and audience targeting will be covered, giving you an easier way to create exceptional content that your readers will love. 

Click here to register for FREE (2-27-13 at 12:30pm EST)

About Matt Wooddy: 

For the last six years, Matt Wooddy has used his social wizardry to revitalize online marketing campaigns for over 200 brands. Understanding that social media is more than just a place to promote your business, he uses personal interaction and entertaining messages to improve the branding and interest of any given company. Some of his clients have included Art & Ink Publications, CustomUSB, Peachtree Social Agency, Motorsporting and a variety of entertainment companies. While studying Industrial Design at Auburn University, Matt sharpened his graphic design skills to better handle logo creation, website setup and other print media needs. He's also worked as Copy Editor, Lead Writer and Photographer for a handful of print magazines throughout the East Coast, honing his content marketing skills for a better tomorrow.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#73)

Are we still doing the Team Co-Op?  Of course, we are!  I just haven't done a Team update in such a long time because, quite frankly, I don't think that many people actually read them.  Secondly, we've had a lot of Team members quit (sometimes, two weeks after they join) and I just don't have the time or patience anymore to constantly reassure people or to hold their hand... or whatever it is they need me to do.  This thing is enough work as it is!  If the letter series doesn't explain what we are doing, or you 'can't afford' $18.00 a month (or whatever), there's really nothing else I can do for you.  I can help a thousand, but I can't carry three on my back.  No offense, but babies weren't born to be carried all their life.  I'm just too busy with the hospital career and coffee to worry about it. 

All that said, Team Oceanswell is still here and it's not going away.  The system works as designed.  All the links function normally, it's still getting advertised all over the place and - yes - we do have new members joining.  Personally, I am using my TrafficWave autoresponder more than ever.  I know I've said it about a million times, but I don't see how you can do business online without it.

Now if you've read this far, you may be wondering about that portrait of MLK to the left.  Well, last month had Martin Luther King day and it got me thinking about the art piece you see here.  This guy had a simple idea and created a masterpiece with it - using nothing but Rubiks cubes.  That impresses me a LOT because it's a reminder that you can create something wonderful with the most simple building blocks.  All you have to to is apply yourself and see your project through to fruition.  I don't care if it's getting rich with online business, getting rich with coffee, a goal of physical fitness, earning a chemical engineering degree, building a wildlife sanctuary or even leading a civil rights movement.  If you can say "I have a dream", and mean it, then you can do anything.

Just remember that, ultimately, nobody else is responsible for your life but you. Nobody else is accountable for your actions but you. Therefore, nobody’s expectations for you and opinions about you are as important as your own!  That's why YOU have to hold on to your dreams.  And it also means that you must be prepared to sell your ideas to an indifferent world.  This is something I'm very familiar with.

You are going to find resistance and indifference every time you share your dream because people won't believe you, they doubt themselves or they just don't care.  In fact, people are generally more interested in their own dreams and goals than yours.  Even friends and family (especially them) can be suspicious and guarded when anyone tries to sell them on an idea or change their minds.  So my message today is don't let anyone steal your dreams.  Have some faith in what you're doing, believe in yourself and never, Never, NEVER quit.  I'm not going to.


By the way, JSS Tripler was/is a ponzi scheme and a complete rip-off.  It took me a year to figure it out, but that's why I call this blog 'My Internet Marketing Journey'.  In fact, other than TrafficWave and Global NPN, just about every online 'program' I've been associated with has been a total scam.  There have been a few exceptions (that's true), but only a few.  That's why these two are the only ones Team OceanSwell will ever employ - and I actually use TrafficWave a lot. 

Sometimes, you have set-backs, but I'm not the kind to let it bother me.  Now, after all this writing, it's time for some more coffee...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introducing Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns have been rolled out to advertisers this month with a plan to upgrade all campaigns in mid-2013. This feature combines separate desktop and mobile campaigns into one. Rather than editing individual campaigns for possible device combinations, location and time of day, you’ll display your ads across devices with the correct sitelinks, ad text, apps and extensions.

Google positions this product as a way for AdWords to capture the power of context. By utilizing information such as location, time of day and device, advertisers will now have the opportunity to reach their audience with more compelling messages. By way of multi-device marketing, potential customers can seamlessly look for businesses on smartphones, tablets and computers while seeing more relevant ads. For example, if a consumer is searching for a pizza place from their smartphone, they will see a prominent call to action on an ad to click to call.

Love it or hate it, there is no option to opt-out of this upcoming change. You should start reviewing how these changes will affect your campaigns. Although Enhanced Campaigns are aimed at being more unified, you may find many of the fine-tuning capabilities that you are currently taking advantage of will be removed with this update.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

Should You Upgrade To AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns

Google Webinars on Enhanced Campaigns

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Monday, February 18, 2013 Presents: Google Ads: Writing Copy That Converts! Part 2

Back in May of last year, Margie Schneider and Stuart Smith presented a webinar on Google Ads and writing copy that converts. Part 1 was an introduction to Google Ads and these Pay-Per-Click services and how you can use them to your marketing advantage, while Part 2 will dive deeper into becoming a full online marketing professional. 
You can check the archived recording and slides from Part 1 here:!
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About Margie Schneider:

Margie Schneider has been involved with the interactive medium since 1994. She has participated in everything the Internet has to offer: developing, designing and delivering web sites; online advertising and promotion; search engine marketing: SEO and PPC and community and electronic communication. Her specialties include: social media, search engine optimization SEO, PPC management, online reputation management, project management, personnel management, strategizing web development and design solutions; as well as experience marketing across all media types.

About Stuart Smith:

A husband, dad & fitness geek, Stuart Smith is an old school internet marketer and social media guru. With over 10 years of experience in Internet marketing involving PPC Campaigns, website/application development, eCommerce initiatives and marketing, search engine strategies, email marketing campaigns and image/brand development, Stuart has worked with a variety of industries to provide cutting-edge consumer connections. His specialties include online marketing such as Social Media, SEO, Email Marketing, Web Design, PPC Campaigns, GAP Certified, MCSE, eCommerce and Management.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

The GPS of SEO for Panda and Penguin Updates

Was your website affected by either of the two major updates (called Panda and Penguin) that Google made to its search engine algorithm within the past year? If so, you may have become an unwilling expert in new search engine optimization (SEO) strategies out of necessity. Even if your website wasn’t hit with any penalties due to the updates, they have changed the way that we look at optimization.
We updated our ABC’s of SEO – Architecture, Backlinks and Content – with an additional set of guidelines to help your search engine optimization efforts meet the Panda and Penguin standards. Presenting the GPS of SEO:
Great Content = Google’s goal with Panda is quality over quantity. It is still important to post lots of fresh content, but it’s just as important that this content is valuable and incites people to share it, bookmark it, engage with it and spend time with it.
Panda = Advanced artificial intelligence programs reward well-designed, high-quality websites that are visually appealing as well as trustworthy. Basically, your website must be attractive on the inside and out. Luckily, tools like WordPress offer simple and quick solutions for posting a website that is both easy to use and easy on the eyes.
Social Signals = These are equivalent to virtual votes for a website or web page. Google used to use the number of links to determine the value or quality of a page, but it was too easy to simply buy links or use other unscrupulous methods to fake your links. Social signals are “Likes” (Facebook,) “Tweets” (Twitter) and “+1’s” (Google +.) These votes are much harder to fake and, thanks to the Penguin update, much more valuable than a link.
Following the GPS of SEO will help your website get “found” in the vast World Wide Web. Good Luck! 

#Hashtag – Buy Something on Twitter via Amex

Twitter and American Express now have a new partnership that allows users to buy products via a #hashtag.

The way this works is fairly simple. Amex cardholders must “sync” their cards with their Twitter accounts. After you tweet the specified #hashtag to purchase a product, Amex will send a second tweet with instructions on how to send your confirmation tweet. Once you send your confirmation tweet, your credit card is charged and the product is shipped to the address you have on file.

From a business perspective, anything you can do to make the purchasing process easier for the consumer, is a good idea. Time will tell if this initiative will catch on, but I think it just might depending on how compelling the offers are.

Security is my main concern with this new payment method. How can you be assured these tweets are not opening you up to being hacked? I think it would be smart for American Express to address this topic sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts on this new offering? Please leave your comments below.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Small Business Disaster Preparedness in the 21st Century

Would you know what to do if your business was affected by a natural disaster tomorrow? Do you have the communications channels and plan in place to take action, or would you simply panic and stop the presses? Many small business owners can’t afford to be closed for even one day. Social media is not only a marketing tool, but it can be a lifeline in today’s modern society.
Recent natural disasters have taught us many things about how interwoven technology is in our 21st century world. Hurricane Sandy was the first widespread natural disaster in U.S. history that showed us how our social networks can help us and our businesses survive and thrive in the wake of a crisis.
Examples abound both during and after Hurricane Sandy about people and businesses reaching out on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to get help and offer relief. Nonprofits like Invisible People used Twitter to reach out to homeless shelters and gather its resources to help obtain generators and food for the less fortunate. An animal shelter that posted about structural damage to its facilities on Facebook got 30 volunteers to come out and repair the damage. Over a dozen restaurants in one city banded together to provide Sunday night dinner for its community and used Facebook to spread the word.
Making a plan now for your procedure during a crisis or emergency situation can mean the difference between survival and greater loss. Obviously, safety and family come first for both you and your employees. Once everyone is secure, have a plan for working off-site, accessing the Internet and staying abreast of the latest information. Many federal, state and local agencies have social media accounts that will be updated frequently to help you stay informed. If you’ve built out a couple of social media channels for marketing purposes, you can also keep your customers updated and let them know when you are operational and available for support. Note, however, immediately after a natural disaster is not the time for promotional messages, but it can be an effective way to bridge your company and your community during difficult times. So what are you waiting for? Go make your plan!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Presents: Understanding Facebook Analytics

We had some trouble the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with our webinar, so we're happy to bring you the rescheduled material now! Marketing experts Dennis Yu and Cody Vest are joining forces for this week's Wednesday Webinar, and the topic of discussion is understanding Facebook Analytics. We've all spent hours trying to perfect the right online marketing campaigns for our brands and customers, but how can we be sure that the efforts aren't being completely wasted? Dennis and Cody will help you better understand the analytics behind Facebook advertising and how to really create a beneficial strategy. 

Click here to register for FREE (11/21/12 at 12:30pm EST)

About Dennis Yu:

A Facebook marketing expert, Dennis Yu is the CEO of and specializes in advertising for big brands and yellow page category businesses. Over the last 3 years, he has guidedthe development of an ad serving platform that garners PPC, SEO,email, and facebook advertising, optimizing campaigns to online andoffline conversions via phone, lead generation, online ordering, andcoupon redemption. Founded in 2006, BlitzLocal is headquartered inBoulder, Colorado.

About Cody Vest: 

With specialties that range from data analysis to innovative execution, Cody Vest is the Creative Director at Vest Advertising. His motivation includes innovative ideas, good research and beautiful images, and these ingredients have led to some powerful print and digital advertising campaigns. His client list includes Humana, Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, Core Combat Sports, Appalachian Regional Healthcare, among others.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Little Symbol Tells You If Facebook Is Watching…

In an effort to promote consumer awareness, The Digital Advertising Alliance launched the icon below to alert you on ads that are being served based on behavioral targeting aka interest-based advertising.

Launching soon, when you see this symbol, you will know you are being tracked for third-party retargeting ads on Facebook:

These ads are served via Facebook Ad Exchange. The intended goal is to show ads based on specific interests. In Facebook’s eyes, this method gives consumers more control by using their interests to serve more relevant ads. How do Facebook retargeting ads work? This diagram from BMO Capital Markets analyst Dan Salmon takes a crack at mapping it out:

Google Retargeting tends to outperform typical Search campaigns. But when it comes to Facebook ads, lately they just don’t perform like they used to. Many consumers are blind to them as they are bombarded with ads throughout the News Feed and right-hand column. Despite the performance of traditional Facebook ads, this method of Facebook retargeting may very well demonstrate increased ad performance. So far the results sound promising according to Exchange partners.

As a consumer, I understand that I’m most likely going to see ads if I am not paying a subscription fee. So from this mindset, I suppose it would be more beneficial to at least see ads for products and services that are relevant to my specific interests.

Keep an eye out for this little icon. I have a feeling we will be seeing it more often.

Watch this video to learn more:

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Presents: 10 Things Every CEO Needs To Know About Internet Marketing

As online marketing continues to play an integral part in any business, more and more niche jobs are created for specialists to really target specific audiences. However, a CEO should still maintain his/her leadership in a company, and Internet marketing is no different. In this webinar, Jay Berkowitz will outline ten important factors that every CEO should know about their company's online marketing strategies, regardless of how involved he/she may be.

This webinar will discuss:

How to improve a website so it shows up
at the top of Google searches

• Generating positive return-on-investment
with online marketing

• What online business models are
working…not working today?

• Why Facebook matters for business

• How to use YouTube videos for online

Click here to register for FREE (2-6-13 at 12:30pm EST)
About Jay Berkowitz

Jay Berkowitz is an author, an educator, an International keynote speaker and an award-winning thought leader. A senior online marketing professional with over twenty years of marketing experience, Mr. Berkowitz has managed marketing departments for Fortune 500 brands: Coca-Cola, Sprint and McDonald's Restaurants, and he has developed online and offline strategies for AT&T and leading health and fitness website

Mr. Berkowitz is the author of The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing Workbook, the Founder and CEO of, a strategic online marketing consulting business based in Boca Raton, Florida. He is the host of the Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast, an Adjunct Professor with the University of San Francisco Internet Marketing Course and he has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, The Business Journals and he was interviewed on FOX Business TV.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Return of the… BlackBerry?

The BlackBerry Z10 was introduced earlier this week by BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion (RIM).) Some diehard BB relics are jumping for joy, but will it last? BlackBerry is not only very late to the SmartPhone game, but it’s newest incarnation is apparently not very intuitive, especially since iPhone and Android users are already versed in using their phones a certain way. When a handful of seemingly tech-savvy Mashable interns and editors get their hands on the new tool, their first attempts at using it are less than successful, as documented in this short video.
The phone itself is purportedly powerful for organization and messaging, which had always been BB’s strength. The negatives appear to be the learning curve and new operating system as well as its lack of apps. I’m sure developers are already programming their software to work with BlackBerry, but new users will have to have patience – not something America is known for.  In Pete Pachal’s in-depth BlackBerry Z10 review, he suggests that the real battle for relevance will take place overseas where SmartPhone penetration is still relatively low.
Right now, this phone may only appeal to people who were huge BB fans or the very early adopters who just want something new. Are you planning to buy a BlackBerry Z10 or wait for the platform to mature a little first and see how it goes? Let us know in the comments below.