Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Apple Talks To Verizon

Apple and Verizon are in talks of creating an iPhone type device for Verizon. The New York Times and USA Today have both claimed this product could roll out as early as next year. The device could be called the "iPhone lite" and be smaller and thinner than the current cell phone.

According to secret sources, this would be a device that's smaller than the Kindle however have a larger touchscreen and enable people to listen to music, view photos, and watch high-definition videos.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New AdWords UI a Hit

The release of the new user interface for Google AdWords is in most areas a large improvement from the previous interface. The question is, how easy will it be for AdWords users to transition to the new interface? Well, if you use AdWords Editor, the transition will be virtually seamless. The new interface is structured almost identically to AdWords Editor and gives more features with less clicks than the previous interface.

Some of the key improvements include
  • Viewing all ad groups, ads, keywords, or placements at once - now you see all the keywords in your account without drilling through campaigns and ad groups, allowing you to quickly find that keyword that is driving up your overall conversion cost.
  • "See Search Terms" button replaces the need to run a search query report. You can use this on selected keywords or all keywords and it returns all of the phrases searched that resulted in clicks. With the results, you can easily add phrases or add negative keywords to your list simply by clicking the check box next to each phrase.
There are a number of other improvements expected as the new UI continues to mature. All in all, I give the new interface a thumbs up.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Twitter Beginner's Guide - - plus Meet the Founders of Twitter

We have been getting a ton of questions about how to Twitter. So we wrote the Twitter Beginner's Guide, Ten Tips How to Use Twitter for Business and Personal Branding.

For a deeper understanding of where Twitter came from and where they are going here are two recent videos from the Co-Founders. Biz Stone reveled that they are "Building Value and in the Future they will Build Revenue, with testing to commence this year"

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone on Stephen Colbert's show:

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Biz Stone
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorGay Marriage Commercial

Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams at the Amazing TED Conference:

What's Next on the Internet? I'd love to get your input. Please comment.

I am writing a new keynote internet marketing presentation and I'd love your help. What's Hot? What's up Next for Internet Marketing? What will we all be doing online next year?

As always, I'll credit you on our podcast, blog, presentations etc. for good ideas.

Here some of the themes I am working with so far.

- Everybody is Famous to 15 People (Social Media Micro Marketing)
- Everything Open Source
- Micro Communications (RSS, Twitter)
- Making Social Media Make Money
- Customer Service as the new Marketing Department (examples @RichardatDell, @NetSolCares)
- Free! (Free Software, Google Tools)
- Virtual Worklife (Meetings, Work, Training becomes virtual)
- Web Celebrities (Ashton Kutcher first to 1M Twitter followers, Obama’s Social Media Success)
- Video Video Video (video is super hot for communicating, branding, conversion, traffic etc.)
- Semantic Web (Computer artificial intelligence better finding information)
- Consumer Journalism (A Twitter picture broke the US Airways Jet in The Hudson River story)

Repurpose your best thoughts

Your truly good ideas are worth using more than once and in different ways. This is called 'repurposing'. If you just spent several hours writing that perfect article on email marketing, then (of course) you will submit it to as many article directories as possible. But what about using that well-written text in other ways? In other words, squeezing the maximum yield out of it and getting the message before the widest possible audience. The idea is to take the same ingredients and employ them in different ways in order to save you TIME and to be far more effective.

Take that article we just mentioned. Obviously, it can be a blog post as well. Once on your blog, the post can be Tweeted and/or fed into every social networking site that you are a part of. For example, all of my blog posts go directly into my Facebook profile. If you are tech-savvy, that same content can be converted into a pod-cast that will reach an entirely new audience.

If your article is particularly instructive, it can be made into a PowerPoint slide show for your blog and/or incorporated into your email marketing campaign. And it goes without saying that you will want to mail the article to your list.

You can even take the same copy that you've written and simply read it into the camera on a You Tube video of your creation, thus reaching an even wider audience. Do you see where I'm going with this? That video can then become part of a new information product that you can package and sell later on.

What about great emails that you wrote to prospects, customers or recruits who had questions? I hope you saved those! Those emails (with some alteration) can easily become blog posts. Combined, they can become an article and then the whole process begins anew.

Don't waste your best work. And if you use it only once, you are wasting it.

Over time, volumes of articles and blog posts can become ebooks that you can dress-up and sell (or give away with rebrandable links) or even become a real book that you can publish and sell at Barns & Noble.

Of course, other ways to 'repurpose' include modifying the method for niche-marketing. Essentially the same message, you might structure your article on email marketing a little differently for restaurant owners than you would for, say, church fund-raising groups. You can also make it seasonal or tie it to current events.

The point of all this is to keep your best thoughts so that you get more out of your work. File and RE-USE them in as many ways as possible and you will be far more successful overall.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

MLM Crybabies

People are pitiful.

There, I said it. It's the truth too. It just never ceases to amaze me - the whining, the bitching, the crying, the moaning, the clinging, the complaining and (most of all) the utter uselessness of otherwise normal, intelligent adults. I hear and see it all the time.

I've got a background in MLM that goes back to the mid-80's, so I've seen it all before. People who are just getting started now don't know how easy they've got it. It used to be a LOT more difficult. Minimum product orders, binaries, stair step break-aways, hotel/living room meetings, imploding companies, attorney generals shutting down your marketing plan and the list goes on. In fact, my mother and I built two very successfull MLM organizations in the 90's and we would both be millionaires today had those companies not collapsed out from under us (true story).

But then and now, the easiest thing in the world to do is start up an MLM company. The problem comes when the company starts experiencing EXPLOSIVE growth, people get greedy and/or the government gets involved. It's because of these reasons that we had and lost two potential fortunes. But I never cried about it. What I did do was put MLM aside for a decade and concentrate on other things. It's called life; often tough and seldom fair. But I've come back to it again and I've rediscovered something...

People ARE pitiful.

Everybody wants to be in control of their lives but nobody wants to do anything about it. Everybody wants to be rich but nobody wants to work and save. Everybody wants to 'know' what to do but nobody has time to learn and apply anything new. Everybody wants to start their own business but not if it costs them anything to do so.

I returned to MLM (via Internet Marketing in general) as something to do in between my medical imaging studies and hospital training. Like everybody, I had to go through the painful, time-consuming and expensive process of understanding online sales, online MLM's and Internet Marketing in general. That's what this blog is all about. But I can tell you for certain that this business is easier in the 21st century. The Internet makes it so. Still, people tell me it's 'too hard'. Good grief.

Take a company like Global Domains International (GDI): http://www.website.ws/rustylshelton

This is the perfect MLM for the new century. It is an extremely solid company with a sterling reputation. There are no boxes of vitamins to buy and stack in your garage. It costs $10.00 a month to stay a member - ten lousy, stupid bucks. That's it, ten bucks. It is incredibly easy to understand and sign-up for and the average person has never heard of it. Seriously, ask ten random people you know if they've ever heard of GDI. I even have a '30-Day Success System' (see: upper-right portion of this page) for anyone needing ideas and I even pay for my sign-ups' first 30 days. You can build a nice little GDI business by simply passing out business cards. It's not that difficult.

In short, it's everything that anyone would ever need in order to start a completely new business and change their lives. And you know what? Only a few will do it - very, very few. The reasons are always the same: 'I can't afford ten dollars', 'Everybody already knows about GDI', 'I don't know anyone who would be interested', 'I don't have the time', 'I don't get it', 'I'm just too tired after work', 'It's too complicated', 'Nah, that's not for me', 'I don't do MLM', etc , etc. And then there are the ones who join and start whining when they aren't rich after 30 days. It just never stops.

Crybabies. That's all they are and there's nothing that you and I can do about them. You can't hold everybodies' hand. I won't do it and neither should you. Forget 'em.

Look, the purpose of this long-winded post is to communicate two things:

1) Don't be a crybaby. Yes, Internet Marketing takes time, money and effort. Did you expect something else?

2) Get used to dealing with crybabies. Don't get discouraged when 19 out of 20 prospects/recruits are completely useless. That's just reality and it has nothing to do with you or the potential of your business. Just keep driving and move on.

In short, get into this business for the long haul or don't get into it at all. Either way, you be doing yourself a favor and potentially saving yourself a lot of tears.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Awesome Free Seminar - Find out what's coming next in Internet Marketing

The internet has become the essential hub for all business and personal communications. Sign up now for a FREE Webinar Thought Leaders Forum - What's Next in Internet Marketing on Thursday, April 30th at 12:30 EST to find out what is coming next in online marketing from some of the top names in the online marketing arena.

The All-Star Panel will include the following Internet Marketing Gurus:
- Jay Berkowitz, Keynote Speaker and Author of the Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing
- Rohit Bhargava, Marketing Blogger and Author of "Personality Not Included"
- Maria Harrison, Interactive Marketing Genius
- Jim Kukral, The Biz Web Coach
- Search expert Joe Laratro
- Multi-Million dollar internet entrepreneur David McInnis Founder of PRWeb and People Pond
- Facebook Goddess Mari Smith
- Web Semantics expert Richard Stanton, CEO of Bintro.com

What you will learn:

* Why is there so much buzz about Twitter and how can I make it work for me?
* What are top strategies for marketing your business online?
* How to use social media websites for business?
* What is the future for Google and search marketing?
* What are the best approaches to market your personal brand?

Click here to Sign up now for the FREE Webinar Thought Leaders Forum - What's Next in Internet Marketing on Thursday, April 30th at 12:30 EST.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working Online Forums For Traffic

Internet discussion forums are indeed a way to drive traffic to your blog and/or website and there are about a billion of them to choose from. Searching for forums, signing up for them, learning their ins & outs, figuring out which ones are worth a damn and keeping track of it all is an enormous amount of work. I KNOW - I've done it.

Essentially, using forums as a method of creating web traffic is an area of specialization. Some people are very good at it. Who are these people? They're the ones who love discussion forums, that's who. I mention this for a reason...

Obviously, you cannot employ every single method of traffic-generation all the time. It isn't humanly possible and there aren't enough hours in the day. You can dabble in all of them, but my advice is to choose a few methods and then concentrate on becoming an expert in those. Ultimately, your choices will be based upon trial & error (that's the big one), your personal preferences, your turn-ons & turn-offs, what you feel good about, what you're skilled at, what you have faith in, what you're educated about, what you have help with and so on.

However, if you are the type who enjoys online discussion threads/forums, then here are a few basic suggestions to keep in mind:

1) Essentially 'social networking', forums are not a place where you want to say something that you'll regret later. Avoid politics & religion. Be neutral in those areas - even if you're not.

2) Though it sounds like an irony, selling is the last thing that you want to do when actually trying to sell within a discussion forum. Remember to 'Tell, not Sell'. You will link to your blog or sales site in your signature (of course) but your comments need to be about your life, your 'story', your take on the topic of the thread and so on. Never, never go in there like a bulldozer trying to sell everybody because it will make you look like a fool.

3) Understand and know that forums are a long-term project. Be aware of that going in. You have to build respect and trust in these online communities. That's what it's all about. The good news is that most people (as in just about everyone) won't put in the effort. If you're willing to take the time, to learn and to apply yourself, then you can be influential - even a dominant force.

4) You want to change up the wording of your signature on a semi-regular basis and/or add a P.S. to your messages. The P.S. tends to psychologically create the sense of urgency. Plus, many readers scan to the bottom of posts and read the P.S. first! Changing your signature is simply a way of getting new attention for your link from those who have seen the old signature for too long.

5) Though this is one of the fundamentals, your link should lead to an opt-in form to get the reader onto your mail list - i.e. out of the forum and onto your auto-responder. To to this, you will need the offer of a free gift, a free report, an e-book or some other defined benefit - something genuinely useful. As an example, I have an opt-in subscription form in the upper right-hand corner of this page. If you haven't subscribed to my '30 Day Success System', go ahead and do it. You'll receive a lot of good information and it just might inspire you!

6) In any kind of social networking, never try to 'dominate the page' with a dozen posts in a row (a common annoyance) or be a 24/7 lurker. You'll never get anywhere with either strategy. In fact, it's destructive. However, one thing that you can do is occasionally respond to your own posts and thereby get yours back at the top of the thread. You do this by adding some additional information, a chart or table, an update or something that you 'forgot'. Please be subtle when doing this or you will defeat the purpose.

7) Last but not least, if you have a great forum post, put it on multiple forums and your blog as well. Make it an autoresponder letter too if it's appropriate. A good piece of writing should be put in as many places as possible. If you stay with this business over time, that piece could be part of a future e-book or even a real book that you could sell in stores. Never let good writing go to waste!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get on Google for Your Famous Name

Having trouble infiltrating the first page of Google for your name because you share it with someone a bit more notable? I'm sure the Lindsay Lohan that lives in Bryantsville, KY does. Don't worry Lindsay, by filling out a Google profile, you will be able to show yourself on the first page of Google when your name is searched.

Google is adding an 11th result to the first page of people searches. This consists of the name, a thumbnail mugshot, city, state, and company information of four people that have that name or one very similar.

Of course, according to Google, the goal is to allow people some control over their search engine presence. Thanks Google, I'm sure that getting more people to fill out Google profiles so you know even more about them personally is just a side effect.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Using The Right Avatar to Promote Your Personal Brand

When it comes to a having a social media profile, you can’t avoid uploading an avatar. An avatar is a photo that represents you. Majority of the time, the size of an avatar ranges from 125x125 or 80x80, but usually it’s in the form of a square. Most people don’t realize that it’s important to use an avatar, but it is very important.

It is best to use an avatar of your face. Also, if you really want to stand out, you can add something that also represents you, perhaps a color that represents you or your brand. If you want to succeed in social media as an individual, it's better to use your own picture in an avatar, rather than a company logo. A company logo as an avatar is best to represent the company, not so much a person who works in the company.

Not familiar with Photoshop but you have a photo you’d want to use as your avatar? There is a useful website that helps you create an avatar for the website you want to use it on. MyPictr.com allows you to upload a photo and crop it to your liking, while keeping the correct dimensions for the social media website of your choice. Popular networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and more.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pyrabang, Inc is the new innovative way to advertise online. You've never viewed anything like it before. If you think your luck has ran out, read on. Your good fortune is getting ready to begin. For FREE, you can enroll in Pyrabang and even make money as a free member. However, the best advertising and the greatest residuals are in the GOLD membership.

Pyrabang is actually rather simple yet unique. 'Bangs' work sort of like 'credits' that you may be familiar with in a traffic exchange. Ads are placed in an 'Adwords/Adsense' fashion. Members can view other members ads PLUS the entire internet can view members ads.

FREE/BASIC MEMBERS earn $3 for each member they sponsor. Of course, the free membership is not where it's at. But it allows people to enroll, get a snippet of advertising for free, and earn some snippet of money, plus see how it all works.

GOLD MEMBERS earn $12.00 Bonus for every gold member they sponsor. Gold members also are paid .95 cents in monthly residuals on all members they sponsor. In addition, Gold members are paid monthly residuals of .45 cents on all other members in their ten level organization. At first this may not appear to be much money, but at only $5.95 monthly, the earning potential is huge.

Pyrabang MATRIX structure is unique. It's the only system I know of that really can create the spillover most people are searching for. This is because Pyrabang matrix is a binary with ten levels. In other words, every time the sponsor, sponsors 2 members, the third spills over...this is a repetitive process down ten levels. And this is one major reason why our team has been seeing a 50% upgrade to Gold ratio....not the only reason...the advertising is fantastic.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Never, never, never quit!

Winston Churchill said that.

He's one of my heroes and America could use leaders like him today. This man didn't whine, complain or blame his failures on others. In fact, his failures only inspired him to keep marching on and try again and again and again - as long as it took until he finally won.

I love that guy. Wish I could have met him.

Another of my heroes, Napolean Hill, advised in his world-famous book, 'Think & Grow Rich', to make a sign in LARGE letters and hang it where you can see it every day - a sign that reads, 'Winners never quit and quitters never win'. That's damned good advice.

The great achievers in life are the ones who don't quit. They're the ones who don't listen to the 'doom & gloomers', the 'naysayers' and all those who are lazy & afraid. They don't listen to them... and they don't quit. The great achievers operate on faith, self-confidence and a belief in destiny. Nothing stops them. NOTHING.

You know what else Winston Churchill said? 'If you're going through hell, keep going'.

I have had to remind myself of these quotes more than once during the forced-march of my 'Internet Marketing Journey'. Early on, I did a lot of consoling, hand-holding, reassuring, back-patting and so on with the predictable percentage of program-signups who whined and complained about everything under the sun in order to explain their failure (i.e. most of them). I've heard every excuse. Some of them are quite heroic, actually, but they are excuses none-the-less.

I don't put up with it any more and I don't want to hear it anymore. Whatever problem you've had, I've had too. However much money you've wasted, I've wasted AT LEAST as much, if not much more. No matter 'how little time you have', the earth turns on its axis at the same speed for all of us. No matter what frustrations and tragedies (or whetever) that you've experienced with Internet Marketing, I can assure you that I have experienced them too. I've been doing Direct Marketing, MLM, etc. for over 20 years. It's the same for everybody in this business and, at the end of the day, the Internet doesn't really change anything. The Internet isn't going to magically 'do it for you'.

I don't listen to excuses anymore because I don't care. Every single one of those excuses - every single one - can be blown away by one simple thing: DON'T QUIT.

Never, never, never quit.

Friday, April 17, 2009

What is the Matrix-Buster?

What is the Matrix-Buster?

The Matrix Buster system is an aggressive method for building your TrafficWave.net business quickly.


Using the Matrix Buster system means stepping up to the plate in a big way and building your organization quickly with paying and productive members. We simply use a little "trick of the trade" with the compensation plan to get you in profits faster than the average approach.

In a nutshell, you agree to pay for the first month's subscription for at least three new members each month.

WHY would I do this?

Because of our 100% Fast Track Bonus, you receive all of that back as a Fast Track Bonus! So by spending $53.85 to get three new Active Members, you get $53.85 in Fast Track Bonuses.

The deal you make with those three is that they must do the same. They must pay for at least three new Active members each month. They will also get that $53.85 back in Fast Track Bonus money the following week.
At first, it looks like you're just trading. But you are really building a massive downline of paid members and that means you will be quickly earning a very large (and quickly growing) monthly income as your new referrals begin to duplicate this system of growth.



Let's look at how the TrafficWave.net Compensation Plan pays:

FAST TRACK BONUSES: Every time you personally refer a new Active sale, the company pays you a 100% Fast Track Bonus. This is why you can pay $17.95 to sponsor a new member. This money comes back to you as a Fast Track Bonus.

MONTHLY RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS: Starting in the second month, you get paid $6 for each of the three people on your first level. This money is what covers your monthly subscription fees from that point forward.
Because of the way Matrix Buster helps qualify you for the highest levels in the comp plan, you will be earning $1 on every other Active sale in your organization.

Level 1 holds 3 people and pays $18.00 (this covers your subscription)
Level 2 holds 9 people so that's another $9.00
Level 3 holds 27 people so that's another $27.00
Level 4 holds 81 people so that's another $81.00
Level 5 holds 243 people so that's another $243.00
Level 6 holds 729 people so that's another $729.00
Level 7 holds 2,187 people so that's another $2,187.00
Level 8 holds 6,562 people so that's another $6,562.00
Level 9 holds 19,683 people so that's another $19,683.00
Level 10 holds 59,409 people so that's another $59,409.00

LEADERSHIP BONUSES: Because you will be constantly referring new people each month, you will also be receiving what is called the Leadership Bonus which comes to 50% of the Regular Commissions being earned by those you personally refer. And because of the way this system works, your personally referred Affiliates will be earning very nice incomes!

As an example, if one of your personally referred Affiliates is earning $1,000 in Regular Commissions for the month, you will be earning $500 in Leadership Bonuses! 10 of your personally referred Affiliates each earning $1,000 means another $5,000 for you in commissions for that month!


So there you have it:

1) Fast Track Bonuses get your initial money back to you.
2) Regular Commissions put profits in your pockets.
3) Leadership Bonuses put INSANE profits in your pockets!

If you are truly serious about working the Matrix Buster system, I am more than happy to show you how to set up your tools with the same ad copy, the same autoresponder messages, the same banners, etc... that are working to create a massive explosion for other Matrix Busters now.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Optimize Your Landing Pages

When managing a pay per click campaign, monitoring click through rates is a good way to assess the effectiveness of your ads. Another important measure is conversion rate as it can be used to assess the effectiveness of your landing pages. Optimizing your landing pages is the best way to increase your conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition. Here are a few tips to improve landing pages:
  1. Relate the headline to your ad copy
    Something in the ad inspired the user to click on it. The landing page should convey to the user at first glance that they are in the right place.
  2. Keep it simple
    Don't try to impress anyone with fancy graphics all over the place. Keep the page as simple as possible so the user is not distracted from the call to action. Outline the value proposition in a few bullet points rather than in paragraph form.
  3. Use buttons with a strong call to action
    Don't use words like "Submit" on the action button. Instead make the button a call to action with a phrase like "Try It Now".
  4. TEST
    Don't expect to launch the perfect landing page on the first try. Layout a few different versions with slightly different layouts, headlines, or calls to action. Test these landing pages using the same keywords and ad copy to see which one converts the best.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do We Care About Newspapers?

Todd Defren ran an informal poll and started a very intellectual thread in his blog called Nobody Cares About Newspapers. Some of my favorite bloggers including Chris Brogan, Richard Binhammer and CC Chapman contributed to the conversation.

Most of us care about newspapers. However the function they provide is slowly being broken apart and assumed by other mediums. Here's a few of my thoughts about Newspapers and the Newspaper industry.

The internet has disintermediated (removed the middleman) for hundreds of industries or functions within businesses. Do you remember when you used to book flights through a travel agent? Or buy music at a record store?

Search engines (Google) and RSS feeds have disintermediated the delivery of news function of the newspapers. Every day a smaller portion of us read a paper newspaper and a huge portion get their news online or on our mobile device in a format we have customized for ourselves.

In his blog post, Defren mentions the pleasure of ‘taking his New York Times out to his deck’. The Amazon Kindle threatens to disintermediate the portability and readability of news. All that will be left for those of us over the age of 30 may be the nostalgic tactile feel of turning newspaper pages.

Chris Brogan highlighted the future of journalism in Twittering about Defren's post. The remaining asset the newspapers own is Trust (although this is constantly in question) an independent source of trusted journalism. I believe that in order to survive, the Newspaper industry must reinvent itself and nurture ‘authority’ and ‘trust’ and learn to deliver it in a Kindle/iPhone world.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Affiliate Advertisers Beware

Some shady tactics have recently been catching on among affiliate publishers to generate lead volume. If you advertise through affiliate networks, now would be a good time to ramp up your tracking efforts to make sure you are receiving quality leads.

Because of the high unemployment rate, people are looking very hard for jobs. Affiliate publishers are taking full advantage of this misfortune by providing job seekers with false hope in order to acquire their personal information. They are doing this by posting job listings on Craigslist and other classified ad platforms that require potential candidates to fill out offers as a "test" to get a job as a "website functionality tester". The forms they are given to fill out are in fact those of the advertiser, qualifying as a valid lead. Of course this fraudulent tactic not only hurts the advertisers by forcing them to pay for false leads, it also hurts the job seeker by wasting their precious job-hunting time filling out forms that will provide no benefit to them.

If you are advertising through an affiliate program, dig deep into your tracking system to see how leads are being generated to ensure you are not a victim of this popular new trend. If you are looking for a job, think twice before taking any "tests" to become a website functionality tester.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Google Chrome 3D...April Fools!

As a daily Google Chrome user, I was excited to hear about Google Chrome with 3D. That is until I tried to print out my 3D glasses and realized there were no lenses!

Maybe I was a little more gullible than most - but the 3D web browser proved to be a success, both increasing exposure and downloads of the Google browser. 

Users were prompted to download "Google Chrome with 3D" in order to bridge the gap between the 2D online world and the 3D real world. The page even features testimonials, screenshots of the browser and photos of users wearing the printable glasses. 

This made the page look legitimate and resulted in a ton of downloads of the special version of Google Chrome on April 1st. As more and more people caught on to the joke, the news began to flood the blogosphere, increasing Chrome's exposure worldwide.

You can read more about Google's Fool on the Chrome Blog.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Combine Twitter Search Into Your Google Search Results

Twitter Search is definitely useful, especially if you want to see what people are talking about on a specific subject, or even your brand. There are a couple of Firefox plug ins that allow you to integrate Twitter Search with your Google Search Results.

If you're a Firefox user like I am, you probably already know about the countless plugins that you can use to make your browser experience a lot better, efficient and easier.

There's a plugin called Twitter Search Results on Google that displays the 5 most recent tweets based on your search query. It shows up right before your search results.

There is also Google Twitter integration which is a script that shows up in its own area, like Google Images, or Google Blog Search.

Thanks Search Engine Journal for the heads up!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Social Networking For Business People

Online social networking has now become a pillar of any standard Internet Marketing campaign. I've found that it's very important to be involved with as many social networking sites as time allows. The problem is that while some of these are useful for business purposes, many of them aren't. You have to know the difference. Finding that out can consume an enormous amount of time - and I speak from experience.

One business networking site that I highly recommend is called DirectMatches.com: http://www.directmatches.com/rustyshelton

It's spawned a lot of 'me-too' copycat sites, but it's still the best of it's kind. While DirectMatches is very useful in many ways (such as email marketing, creating strong back-links or even building a lucrative business promoting the site itself) it does suffer from spam bombardment because everybody there is trying to sell everybody else. If you can ignore all that and learn to be more subtle, this can be a very good place to get your message out. In this business you must use every tool available, be patient and give things time to work. When you get good - really good - at online social networking, it will definitely have a positive effect on your business.

Give it a try!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A New Tool for List-Building And Email Marketing

One of the reasons that I've been able to actually succeed at Internet Marketing is because I'm always searching for new tools and techniques. As you have probably learned by now, this can be an extremely time consuming process that all too often leads down useless rabbit holes to nothing but dead ends.

It seems like there's always something else to read, to study, to download, to buy, etc. and it never ends. I went through a long phase where my stack of 'learning projects' was growing higher than I could go through and do them. Fortunately for anyone reading this, I've done a lot of that work for you (and spent the money). You'll just have to trust me on that. To that end, I'd like to tell you about something that's truly useful.

List-building and email marketing are two pillars of any Internet Marketing campaign and they are, of course, intertwined. One thing that I've recently discovered is a thing called ListWonderExtreme.com (LWE). This site combines list-building and email marketing with a completely 'in-house' system. It doesn't involve your email address or inbox at all and no one can ever accuse you of spamming.
If you want your own large email list and a way to send messages to it (that will get opened), then this is it. LWE will build it for you. All you do is just view five(5) messages a day and that's it. Everyday that you open five messages, everyone who joined the system that day is added to your list. It's quite ingenious, actually - and powerful. It's simple: You agree to open five emails a day in order to grow your list that you can, in turn, mail to.

Firefox Takes Market Share in Europe

For those of you still using IE as your default browser, you may very well soon become a minority if the U.S. market follows the same path as Europe. With 35.05% of the market share in Europe, Firefox 3 is now the number one browser, beating out IE7, which now holds only 34.54%of the share.

The thought of Firefox taking over the global market share is still a long way away as Firefox 3 only holds 24 % of the global market share to IE 7's 41%.