Sunday, April 26, 2009

Repurpose your best thoughts

Your truly good ideas are worth using more than once and in different ways. This is called 'repurposing'. If you just spent several hours writing that perfect article on email marketing, then (of course) you will submit it to as many article directories as possible. But what about using that well-written text in other ways? In other words, squeezing the maximum yield out of it and getting the message before the widest possible audience. The idea is to take the same ingredients and employ them in different ways in order to save you TIME and to be far more effective.

Take that article we just mentioned. Obviously, it can be a blog post as well. Once on your blog, the post can be Tweeted and/or fed into every social networking site that you are a part of. For example, all of my blog posts go directly into my Facebook profile. If you are tech-savvy, that same content can be converted into a pod-cast that will reach an entirely new audience.

If your article is particularly instructive, it can be made into a PowerPoint slide show for your blog and/or incorporated into your email marketing campaign. And it goes without saying that you will want to mail the article to your list.

You can even take the same copy that you've written and simply read it into the camera on a You Tube video of your creation, thus reaching an even wider audience. Do you see where I'm going with this? That video can then become part of a new information product that you can package and sell later on.

What about great emails that you wrote to prospects, customers or recruits who had questions? I hope you saved those! Those emails (with some alteration) can easily become blog posts. Combined, they can become an article and then the whole process begins anew.

Don't waste your best work. And if you use it only once, you are wasting it.

Over time, volumes of articles and blog posts can become ebooks that you can dress-up and sell (or give away with rebrandable links) or even become a real book that you can publish and sell at Barns & Noble.

Of course, other ways to 'repurpose' include modifying the method for niche-marketing. Essentially the same message, you might structure your article on email marketing a little differently for restaurant owners than you would for, say, church fund-raising groups. You can also make it seasonal or tie it to current events.

The point of all this is to keep your best thoughts so that you get more out of your work. File and RE-USE them in as many ways as possible and you will be far more successful overall.