Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pyrabang, Inc is the new innovative way to advertise online. You've never viewed anything like it before. If you think your luck has ran out, read on. Your good fortune is getting ready to begin. For FREE, you can enroll in Pyrabang and even make money as a free member. However, the best advertising and the greatest residuals are in the GOLD membership.

Pyrabang is actually rather simple yet unique. 'Bangs' work sort of like 'credits' that you may be familiar with in a traffic exchange. Ads are placed in an 'Adwords/Adsense' fashion. Members can view other members ads PLUS the entire internet can view members ads.

FREE/BASIC MEMBERS earn $3 for each member they sponsor. Of course, the free membership is not where it's at. But it allows people to enroll, get a snippet of advertising for free, and earn some snippet of money, plus see how it all works.

GOLD MEMBERS earn $12.00 Bonus for every gold member they sponsor. Gold members also are paid .95 cents in monthly residuals on all members they sponsor. In addition, Gold members are paid monthly residuals of .45 cents on all other members in their ten level organization. At first this may not appear to be much money, but at only $5.95 monthly, the earning potential is huge.

Pyrabang MATRIX structure is unique. It's the only system I know of that really can create the spillover most people are searching for. This is because Pyrabang matrix is a binary with ten levels. In other words, every time the sponsor, sponsors 2 members, the third spills over...this is a repetitive process down ten levels. And this is one major reason why our team has been seeing a 50% upgrade to Gold ratio....not the only reason...the advertising is fantastic.