Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vote in the Logo Contest

The is a valuable resource for free weekly webinars on Industry Leading Topics, forums, discounts on a variety of Industry events, and networking with others who have a passion for Internet Marketing. The Community held a logo contest which they are pleased to announce is officially posted and ready for votes!

Click here to view the logos and vote

Make sure to cast your votes now as all votes must be submitted by 9:00amEST Wednesday, July 7th. Everyone is allowed one vote.

And for those of you who aren’t members of the Club, why not join too? Membership is free and the Community is jam-packed with useful tools and knowledge.

Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages - Which is Better?

If you are an avid Facebook user, then you are probably used to seeing Facebook pages. Ten Golden Rules is an example of a Facebook page. There are also Facebook Groups, which existed before Facebook pages, and gave Facebook users the ability to come together and create discussions on a specific topic. In a Facebook Group, users can write on the wall, engage in discussions and add photos. Each group has an admin (or two, or three) and are visible on the group’s page. The uses for a Facebook group are very basic, and is only recommended if you really want to just have a basic place to discuss a topic.

A Facebook page allows members to do much more. Admins of the page are not visible, and you have the ability to add more than one admin to that page. While you can do things like write on the wall, post photos and videos, as well as engage in discussions, there are a lot of other ways to customize the page. You can add applications that enhance your page, based on the purpose of the Facebook page. For example, on Best Buy’s Facebook page, you have the ability to order merchandise on their Facebook page through their Shop + Share tab. A Facebook page allows you to have customized pages using the FBML application. You can create an entire customized page using HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language). Some examples of FBML pages are at Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and the Official Avatar Movie pages. You will notice that these FBML pages become a portal to their main website. Other features that a Facebook page gives you include the ability to create a vanity URL (after you have at least 25 fans who join (or 'Like') the page) and the ability to direct users to a specific tab on that Facebook page.

Now that you know what the differences between a Facebook group and a Facebook page, which one are you more inclined to create?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#55)

The fireworks are about to begin! On Sunday, the 4th of July, we are adding a new program to the Team OceanSwell co-op. Of course, Team OceanSwell is all about TrafficWave (both the affiliate plan and the product itself). That's how it's always been, that's how it is and that's how it will stay. But the purpose of the additional program is to accomplish three things: 1) Keep the co-op energized and exciting, because things get stale after awhile. 2) A lot of people like the idea of a 'premium' membership and a chance to have the awesome power of the entire Team building two affiliate plans instead of just one. 3) I want to REWARD every loyal Team Member who is currently part of the OceanSwell downline, or who joins us before the 4th of July.

It's that last part that's the most important. I've finalized a plan through which any existing OceanSwell members can join this program FIRST and be guaranteed a profitable position immediately. What did I just say? I said that any current OceanSwell Team Member can be pre-positioned in such as way as to make guaranteed money. How is this possible, you ask. How can I make this promise? Let me explain. Every current OceanSwell Team Member who wants a guaranteed, profitable downline in this new program need only do three things. First, let me know that you want in! Second, you must get an AlertPay account before the 4th of July, if you don't already have one. Third, you MUST commit to taking two positions. Since you're going to be in profit immediately, there's no reason not to! BTW, a matrix position in this second program costs less than 10 bucks.

I've chosen a program that I think is a great fit as an optional, second team-build income stream for new members to be a part of if they wish to. I am convinced that it will help everyone cover the cost of their TrafficWave subscription, and be another profitable venture in it's own right. Though we have to keep the TrafficWave element of our Team Ad/Rotator on seperate Teams (mine, Didi's, etc.), this second program will be managed by me alone - at least in the very beginning. That will help keep things simple, the way I like it. That's because when I come home from work, I don't always have a lot of time to sort out complicated 'issues' that people have with this, that and the other. That said, let me make this real simple today: If you want to be among those who will be set up with guaranteed profit positions, you must let me know before Sunday. If you want to look at the program, see who's on the list to join (and in what order), just send me an email. Once everyone takes their two positions, in the order that I prescribe, we will then have two new Rotators that will be added to the ones we have for TrafficWave.

Please, don't make this more complicated than it is. It's really quite simple. The way this going to be put together, you can NOT lose money. And I've never been able to make that claim before! If you want to be part of this 4th of July OceanSwell celebration, then please get in touch with me right away at: or

Video Crawability Best Practices

Posting quality videos to your website is only half the battle. They don't provide much value if search engines have trouble crawling and indexing them. When you post a new video, it is important to cover all the bases to ensure search engines can find it.

One of the most basic steps to ensure your videos can be indexed is to verify that the video urls are crawlable. Placing the url in your sitemap is not enough if that url is blocked by your robots.txt file. Robots.txt is a file in the root folder of a website that can be used to tell search engines to ignore certain urls. Before placing your video url in your sitemap, review your robots.txt file to ensure that the url of the playpage, the url of the content and player, and the url of the video thumbnail are not disallowed.

Some videos are only available in certain countries, locales, etc. Google introduced a new 'restriction' attribute video tag to let search engines where a video is eligible to be played. This tag can be used to either tell Google in what countries a video can be played or in what countries a video cannot be played. Videos that can be played anywhere do not require this tag.

Finally, if you remove a video from your website, it is important to let the search engines know that you have done so. Without alerting search engines that a video is removed, the search engine's index may not match the content of your website. Therefore, if someone clicks on a video result on a search engine, when they arrive on your site they will either be told that the video no longer exists or be served a different video. This can lead to a bad user experience. The best way to handle this situation is to return a helpful 404 page in place of the video page. From there, you may recommend related videos that may be of interest to the user.

Tomorrow, June 30th is Social Media Day!

Tomorrow, June 30th, is Mashable's Social Media Day!

Celebrate the social media revolution by organizing or attending one of the many meetups across the country.

There is even an event here in Boca Raton, FL which is hoping to be the largest social media meetup in Palm Beach County!

Social media has changed our lives as well as the way we communicate and interact with others. Why not celebrate by meeting up with your "tweeps" and long lost Facebook pals?

Don't forget to share your pics and tweets with the world by using the hashtag (#smday) on Flickr, YouTube and Twitter!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Friendly Music Launches New Music Service for YouTube

Have you ever posted a video on YouTube to find it removed, blocked, or ads placed on top of the video due to music copyright violations? For the average user, dealing with copyright issues is cumbersome and confusing. But fret no more, tomorrow you will not have to worry about finding a trusted music resource any longer.

Rumblefish officially launches Friendly Music tomorrow, June 29th. The service will allow everyday (noncommercial purposes) YouTube users to find the perfect legal song with over 35,000 songs in their catalog from 35 countries, all for just $1.99 a song. Included in the price is the license, the full version of the song, along with having the ability to edit the song to your liking. Although you will not find songs from any of the four major record labels, the Company did state they are in hopes of having deals in place within the upcoming months with “name artists.”

In my opinion, this is a useful alternative for the YouTube user who needs to add a song and ensure their video will not be taken down. Friendly Music has hand-selected the songs they offer and also provides you with the ability to search my genre, mood, whether or not it contains vocals etc. The price is definitely worth it to me to avoid the complications of using a copyrighted song.

Below is a video explaining the service:

What are your thoughts on the service?

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#54)

Good job on the advertising last week, everybody. Very good! Our top-promoter was Mr. Terrence Hopkins and so he wins the weekly $10.00 prize! With the new-look ads, the new message and the increased level of advertising, we're doing alright. But I've got a new idea that I think everyone's going to like. I want to add another program to the Team OceanSwell promotion, in addition to TrafficWave. Now this has been suggested to me in the past and I rejected the idea because I thought it would be confusing and distracting. But it's always been in the back of my mind and I've finally had a change of heart.

I haven't decided on the program yet, and that's where I need everyone's input. I've got a couple of ideas, but I'd like to hear everyone's suggestions as well. This additional program will be OPTIONAL to join when a new Team Member joins TrafficWave through our Team co-op. She or he won't have to join it. It will simply be optional. Ideally, this will be an MLM-style program, it will be inexpensive (or maybe just a small, one-time fee) and it will mesh well with what we're already doing. But here's the part that will make a lot of people happy (and some people 'less' happy). To kick this off and get it started, I plan to 'flip' the Team upside down, as it concerns this new program only. That way, the people who are at the bottom of the Rotator will join first and I will join LAST. But hey, even if you join second-to last, you'll still have me hooked directly to you on your first level and I'd like to think that I'm a half-way decent promoter (smile).

So, to sum it up: I'm looking for input on which program this should be, I'm going to make a decision this week and (to kick it off with an exciting start), our newest Team Members get in first - and that includes those who join us today, or any time before I put this into place. So if you're reading this and are ready to join Team OceanSwell, there has never been a better time than right now. This could be the most exciting week we've ever had!

Please email with your thoughts at:

I finally joined PeopleString (Boy, was I dumb!)

Boy, was I dumb. I've been looking at the ads for this thing for about two years (it seems like) and I never gave a thought to joining it. I finally did today and it's really quite amazing. Quite impressive, actually! I SHOULD have joined it when it was new but, that was then and this is now. Even though I suspect that 99% of those who will ever read this are already PeopleString users, if you're not... you should be. It's just an email service like hotmail, gmail, yahoo or whatever, but they pay you to use it. It's not a 'lot' (laughing), but it can become a lot over time. In this business, I've found that you need to do two things constantly: 1) Think long-term. 2) Constantly develop additional streams of income.

This thing is FREE and it's a high quality service. I was dumb not to join it a long time ago. Free money is what everyone wants, right? Anyway, this is going to be my new email service of choice and I believe that everyone involved in Internet Marketing should be using it as well. I've got so many email accounts, ads and so on out there. It's going to take me awhile to move it all over to PeopleString because it takes a long time to turn a big ship around. But making the change is going to be worth it in the months and years ahead.

If you haven't already done it (unlike stupid me!), check it out for yourself... Presents 10 Strategies to Stay on the Cutting-Edge

Join Jay Berkowitz, Chief Executive Officer of, as he teaches 10 Strategies to Stay Cutting-Edge with New Media News that Matters.

This presentation will explain the following topics:

• Resources for Cutting-Edge news using Blogs, Industry Publications and Podcasts
• Leading Industry Strategies for Location Based Networking
• Ways to optimize your Twitter presence using Hash Tags, RTs and @Replies
• Proven methods for Producing Content as you Read, Learn, Research and Watch
• Efficient ways to gain knowledge using tools such as Google Reader and iGoogle

This free webinar will take place Wednesday, June 30, 2010 12:30pmEST – 1:30pmEST. To register and for more information please visit: 10 Strategies to Stay on the Cutting-Edge

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Draws Over 11 Million Web Visitors Per Minute

According to Akami’s Net Usage, the end of the World Cup game between the US and Algeria is now the second highest amount of web users. As you can see from the charts, as the game got more intense, people started to log on and watch with a spike in traffic to over 11.2 million visitors per minute. In the North America alone, there were over 8 million visitors per minute which is almost as high as when President Barack Obama won the 2008 election.

The record was set earlier this month with the opening day of the World Cup.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google's Recommendations for Organic Linkbuilding

Google recently released a post discussing methods of building links to your website organically. Of course, Google wants this to be your only method of linkbuilding as this is about as "white hat" as it gets. To be truly competitive in natural search, however, you will most likely need to dabble in some "grayer" linkbuilding tactics, but these white hat recommendations should absolutely be part of your overall strategy.

The first recommendation is to let your expertise shine. Share the expertise you have developed in your industry in niche blogs and forums. Overtime, assuming you continue to provide quality content, you will become respected within your community. People will then want to share your expertise with others. One way they will do so is by linking to your website.

Another way to build organic links, as recommended by Google, is to think about problems people may encounter within your industry and provide a solution. This could consist of tutorials, videos, or tools that will assist with problem solving. Again, this provides people with a good reason to link to your website.

Finally, Google recommends adding some humor to your content. If your content is both useful and entertaining, people will be much more likely to want to share it with others.

The Social Network Unveiled

A couple years ago we first heard of the possibly of a “Facebook Movie.” But it is official now– the first poster for the movie has been unveiled by Columbia Pictures. Scheduled to premiere in October, The Social Network explains the history of Facebook from beginning in a Harvard dorm through to its world domination.

One thing that will really stick out to you from the poster is a portion of the tag line. 500 million. Facebook has not officially confirmed this number yet despite it being included on the poster. Is this currently accurate or just playing off the assumption Facebook will be well beyond this number by the time the movie debuts?

What do you think about the concept of the movie? Although it may seem silly at first, I’m looking forward to watching the movie. There is no denying Facebook has developed into a phenomenon throughout the world. Although many social networks rise and fall, I think it is safe to say Facebook is not just a fad.

Monday, June 21, 2010 Presents The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing

Join Jay Berkowitz, CEO of & Founder, as he presents the highly acclaimed Version 2.0 of The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing.

This notable presentation will explain the following topics:

• What is a UVP? Why should you have one?
• Review Strategies behind Successful Case Studies
• Secrets to the Success behind Profitable Subscription Models
• Building Trust with your Website Visitors
• Leading Trends for your Web Business and how to apply them

A segment of this presentation will also include personalized website assessments. For an opportunity to have your website reviewed, please submit your interest by commenting on the posted Event on the at the link below. All websites will be represented in the most positive manner.

This free webinar will take place Wednesday, June 23, 2010 12:30pmEST – 1:30pmEST. To register and for more information please visit: The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing

"We The Users" A Social Network User's Bill of Rights

Most of us belong to at least one social network: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare, etc. Recently, some of us have become a little irked with the social networks we use, namely Facebook's privacy issues.

This is why a number of social network users met in San Jose, CA for the annual Computers, Freedom and Privacy (CFP) Conference to discuss the creation of a Social Network User's Bill of Rights. You can follow what people are saying about the Bill on Twitter (#BillOfRights).

The document begins "We the Users..." and outlines what users have come to expect from social networks. The hot topics include honesty, transparency, privacy, disclosure and control. You can voice your opinion of the bill by voting on the petition here.

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#53)

Congratulations to the Team and 'thank you' to everyone who worked so hard last week! The changes that were put into place last Sunday, combined with the hard work of so many of us (including me!) have put a new Team Member into the 'hot seat' in Rotator #1 - and everyone else moves up a notch too! We had plenty of inquiries (i.e. autoresponder hits) last week and multiple new Team Members joining us. That's the way it's supposed to work and I'm very proud of everyone. On the other hand, I did have to send out twelve(12) '1st Warnings' this morning regarding the minimum weekly hit-count to the Team Ad URLs.

Sometimes, life just gets in the way of your Internet Marketing tasks. Sometimes, you just get burned out. I understand that as much as anybody else does. I understand it better than most, I think. We had a couple of technical issues with the Team ads in the last few days as well. One of those, I couldn't do anything about. The other problem I am dealing with, by gradually re-doing all of our Team Ads with AdKreator. That is a WONDERFUL tool!!! I give it five gold stars. Splendid software, and the new-look ads I am going to create will be even more effective than in the past.

Folks, everybody wants their turn in the three Rotators and everybody wants it to happen as soon as possible. For that to happen, EVERYBODY needs to participate equally, at least at a minimum level of involvement. That's pretty easy to understand, right? Oh, by the way, I've increased the weekly page view minimum to 700 instead of 500. It's necessary, and I know that those of you who are truly dedicated to achieving your dreams are cheering this decision. In this business, you have to make up your mind to WIN. You have to push yourself past what you thought you were capable of. This requires a lot of things. It takes learning, trial & error, spending money, focus, dedication, discipline, flexibility & adaptability, and tons and tons of hard work. There is no easy path to online success. Sorry, it just ain't there.

You think Internet Marketing is tough? Try being with the infantry on a foot-patrol in Afghanistan or working in the fields in south Texas during the summer. If you're going to send me an email complaining about how 'hard' this is or 'how long it takes', you won't get a whole lot of sympathy from me. On the other hand, if you are willing to do the work, study, prepare yourself, learn what you need to learn and form good business habits, you will never have a better friend and partner than me. I am tireless, relentless and unstoppable when it comes to growing my online business. You must be exactly the same way if you really and truly want to win. And with this Team OceanSwell co-op, I am working tirelessly for YOU. But more than that, we are working for each other. Teamwork is a magical thing and it produces results that you could never achieve on your own.

Let's work as a TEAM this week. I don't want to send out any 'second warnings' next week.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My Beef with Facebook

I recently created a page on Facebook about a hot button issue. I was angry and was looking for a way for myself and friends to be able to discuss the topic. The moment I made the page I felt better and knew this was going to be a great way for me to get out my frustrations.

Once the page was created, I sent out a message to all of my friends inviting them to join the group. My friends started joining and we all started posting articles and discussing the issue. Within about four hours the strangest thing started to happen. I was getting fans but I didn’t know who they were. I knew some of these fans were friends of friends but the majority of new people where not connected to any of my friends. The fans were coming from all over the world and like me they were very upset and wanted a way to communicate their frustrations.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn but the page was great. We were a community of friends who took the time to share stories and opinions about the issue that brought us together. This is, after all, one of the reasons that makes Facebook so great, a social networking site that gives people the ability to share and learn from one another.

I like to think of my little page as a snowball rolling down the side of the mountain. The page was growing quickly and we were at a thousand fans before I knew it. The little snowball I had created for myself and friends had turned into a full blown avalanche speeding down the side of a mountain in a matter of weeks. I was spending 2-3 hours a day on the page. With over 10,000 fans, I felt obligated to provide compelling articles for them to read and discuss. I also provided the latest photos and status updates having to do with the issue. I was breaking stories before big media did.

It was then around day 50 after the page had been created when I logged in to find the following message from Facebook: The message stated The Page has had its publishing rights blocked because it violates our Pages Terms of Use. Amongst other things, Facebook restricts the publishing rights of Pages that impersonate other entities, represent generic concepts, spam users, or otherwise violate our Terms of Use. These policies are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe, secure and trusted environment for all users. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit the Terms applicable to Facebook Pages at

I tried to reach out to Facebook to get a better definition of what exactly I did wrong but never heard back. The page I created did not impersonate an entity, represent a generic concept, spam users, or violate any of their terms of use as far as I could tell. We did however have a difference of opinion about a particular corporation and how they were handling a current event.

The day before Facebook removed my rights to publish, the page gained almost 1,000 new fans in one day. Without an administrator the page no longer has the ability to reach all of the fans with the latest news. New fans are still trickling in but the page has lost its effectiveness as a social networking hub for the issue. In other words Facebook killed the page.

So here is my question for Facebook. You’re either a social networking site or not. You’ve created an incredible tool to bring people together to share, learn, organize, and grow from one another. When you take that right away you cease to be what you were originally created for. In the near future, I’m hoping you correct this lapse of judgment or I think your best days are in the past…

YouTube Develops a Video Editor

We all know that editing videos is not an easy task, and find ourselves discouraged from creating a video because this. This week, YouTube introduced a video editor which is available in TestTube, which is an area where engineers and developers test out new tools and get feedback. You will notice there are several tools in TestTube that are in the works and feedback from users are encouraged.

In Video Editor, you have the ability to do things like:
Trim the beginning and ending of your videos. All videos on YouTube must adhere to less than 10 minutes, so if you have a video that is just over, this option would definitely be useful.

The Video Editor also provides the ability of combining multiple videos to create a new longer video. This would help if you had uploaded a bunch of video clips about the same topic and weren’t able to edit the video on your own. By combining the clips, you can create a even better video!

With the AudioSwap library, you can also add music to your video. This library has tens of thousands of songs.

You don’t have to install extra software either.

Here is a video to explain how the video editor works.

Will this tool change your mind about creating videos?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is There An ITunes Competitor In The Works?

A few weeks ago, I read an article that Google may take on Apple in the music space, most likely being called – you named it – Google Music. I’ve come across another article now on CNET suspecting the same and I must say the idea is not farfetched.

What does this mean? The amount of details released to date is limited but according to the CNET article, it appears Google will launch the service with Android products to then branch out beyond. Both Apple and Google seem as though they are racing to launch the first cloud service enabling its users to have both storing and streaming capabilities.

I believe if anyone can take on the iTunes product, Google can. Based on the details that have been released so far, it’s disappointing to me that they aren’t rolling out the service beyond the Android market in the first phase.

Would you use the service? Do you think Google can take on iTunes?

image credit: 4braham

Monday, June 14, 2010

What Google Caffeine Means To Your Online Marketing

Last week, Google announced the completion of their new web indexing system, Caffeine. The main goal behind this new system is to provide fresher results then were available in Google's previous search results. Now more than ever, recency of content will be contributing to your search engine rankings. Caffeine allows Google to index more content faster in order to provide more recent information to users.

There are some simple ways for us to take advantage of this new indexing system. Providing fresh content on trending topics related to your industry is now more important than ever. The first step is to identify the trending topics within your industry. You can find out the hottest search topics using Google Trends. Social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon are also great places to identify hot topics.

Once you identify the current trending topics to write about, discuss these topics aggressively in Twitter, blogs, and press releases as these all get picked up in Google's instant search. Presents Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day

Join Jay Berkowitz, Founder of the as he is joined by Facebook Experts Chris Treadaway and Mari Smith, Co-Authors of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day.

This presentation will explain the following topics:

- How to define your Facebook Presence
- Ways for developing a Facebook Strategy
- How to Measure Facebook Success
- How to Customize Facebook Experiences
- Advanced Tactics & Strategies for Facebook Campaigns

This free webinar will take place Wednesday, June 16, 2010 12:30pmEST – 1:30pmEST. To register and for more information please visit: Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day

Sunday, June 13, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#52)

It's a launch! 'OceanSwell 2.0' is now blazing into orbit with all new ads, a new letter series, a new attitude, a HOT Triple-Rotator system, rigidly enforced advertising requirements for Team members and... a new AdWords campaign to back it all up. And the reason for all this: To SPEED UP the action of our Team Ad/Rotator system for building TrafficWave downlines! How will these new changes speed things up? For one thing, strictly enforcing the minimum weekly page view requirements will make a big difference. In the past, I felt that since we're all adults (and we all want the same things) that an honor system would suffice. That was a mistake. I know now that it has got to be enforced, and everyone has to be treated the same, without any exceptions.

The weekly page view requirement for your Team Ad link is a mere 500 hits. Many think that's WAY too few! Yet others complain that it's too much to ask and they don't want to do it!!! So here's how we're going to handle it. This Team now requires a certain number of new Active referrals every week, produced as a result of Team advertising and the Adwords campaign that I (as in ME) pay for. This week, the requirement is only 500 hits to each Team member's team URL. This is a good test week for that number, as everyone is going to be actively promoting again and I am taking my personal efforts out of the TE's and into the expensive keyword game. But... if next Sunday finds us with too few referrals from the week's effort, than the number will be increased to 700 the week after that. And I will be increasing it by 200 a week (if necessary) until these Rotators move at the speed they should be moving.

A question I get asked a lot is, "What are YOU going to do to make these Rotators work faster?" My answer is that I'm going to ask the Team to work harder! What other answer is there? Can you think of one? This is a TEAM co-op. It's isn't 'RustySwell' (smile), it's TEAM OceanSwell. And the $300.00 dollars or more a month (every month) that this new AdWords campaign is going to cost isn't coming from anyone's pocket but mine!

But it's not 'just' about speed. It's about getting the most out of a system that is proven to work (ours) and getting the most out of TrafficWave's affiliate pay plan. Team OceanSwell's new Triple-Rotator configuration, combined with highly aggresive advertising, is the best possible way that I can think of for average people to finally realize an online income that can keep growing for years and years. Another thing people keep coming at me with is how 'fast' the Rotator moves with GDI PowerPath, and 'why doesn't our Rotator move that fast'? Another one is, 'Didi says she gets a new signup every 1.7 days'. Why don't you?' It's so annoying, that I'm going to address both items, right here and right now.

1) GDI PowerPath 'ain't' that fast. Don't get me wrong, I BELIEVE in what they're doing and our family has three(3) positions! I love those guys!!! But Juli joined in August of '09 and I 'don't' think she'll be earning $9,330 a month sixty days from now. Her GDI check last month was $47.00. Mom & I joined in January 2010 and we are still many weeks away from going through their Rotator. But you know what? We love their system, we believe in it and we know that it will work over time... and we'll never quit!

2) I love Didi. Didi is an amazing person and she is going to be a HUGE success with TrafficWave. But that one ad that everyone keeps bugging me about is worded in a way that confuses people. 'A new signup every 1.7 days' refers to her entire downline, not to every person at the top of her three Rotator lists. I could make the same claim in our ads. In fact, since my downline is larger than hers, I could say that we get 'two new referrals every day!' See what I mean?

My point isn't to say anything negative about PowerPath or Didi. It's to bring people around to the REALITY of how these Team Ad/Rotator systems work and what you can reasonably expect from them. By now, I hope that you realize that I am doing every single thing that one human being can do to help each and every one of you realize your dreams and have a functioning online business. But please never forget that I am just one person and we win or lose as a TEAM. That's the way it is today and that's the way it shall remain forever. Rusty cannot change your life all by himself. Sorry.

And another thing: I still have a whole bunch of emails to answer. If I haven't answered your email yet, I will. But this update had to come first. A lot of these emails have to do with the updated Rotator lists, defunct Team Leaders, Inactive accounts (or Inactive accounts that are Active again) and so forth. If I haven't already, I will send a personal email to every single Team Member within the next 24 hours. But I type with two fingers and I've been typing ALL frikkin' day long.

Here are the OFFICIAL Rotator lists. Anyone who wants updated copies can see them anytime, if you just send me an email and ask. It's not a big deal. Here they are...

Rotator #1 (i.e. the MAIN one):
James Blackburn (jimbee63)
Russell Williams (redfox1)
Penny Cannon (wiggie1226)
Terrence Hopkins (thopkins889)
Trevor Cheetham (buildyourbiz)
Marla Scipio (marlissa)
Richard Wells (newealth4all)
Maria Melas (Houstongreek)
Heather Gerres (heathergerres)
Shyama Mehta (rchandra)
Birgit Jurock (bcj)
Eileen Lisbon (magee)
Eric Smith (erixonline)
Lorel Life (llife1)
Michael Logan (fwmike)
Dowin Shelton (dcshelton)
BW Holmes (holmesbw)
Gregg Allington (gregga)
Bud Hall (themarketeer)
Brian Allerton (elldawn)
Zita Skurka (goldstarz)
Kirk Powers (kapan1012)
Paul Samuelson (paulsam13)
James Young (stayhomegetrich)
David Lee Y S (davidleeys)
Brian Perisho (brianp125)

Rotator #2 ('Graduates' list):
Charles Rush (rush1947)
Ella Sisco (lockland)
Miguel Januario (teamoceanswell)
Bill Reed (redbill)
Kenneth Watkins (realhomeriches)
Michael Olszewski (mjo)
Jim King (askjimking)
Terry Ladouceur (terrylad)
James Warren (successjw)
Brenda Gray (beachgal)
Silvia Hunsucker (silsbiz)

Rotator #3 (For those who need replacements):
Charles Rush (rush1947)
Ella Sisco (lockland)
Miguel Januario (teamoceanswell)
Bill Reed (redbill)
Kenneth Watkins (realhomeriches)
Michael Olszewski (mjo)
Jim King (askjimking)
Terry Ladouceur (terrylad)
James Warren (successjw)
Brenda Gray (beachgal)
Silvia Hunsucker (silsbiz)

Oh, one last thing: I haven't been paying out the weekly $10.00 prize for top promoter because I've been saving it up for the 'launch of Team OceanSwell 2.0' (LOL). Anyway, next Sunday (June 20th), I will award a prize of $50.00 - yes FIFTY DOLLARS - to the Team's top promoter for the coming week.

So let's start kicking some ass...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Twitter Follows World Cup Action

Will Spain upset Brazil? Is Messi too tired to play in his match? The 2010 World Cup is underway and Twitter has made it very easy for us to follow all the news and games! Now, their portal page shows us top tweets along with games that are being played. This page is very well designed and easy to follow. You are able to click on a country flag and see all the tweets about them along with updates from some of the players.

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#51)

Earning money with TrafficWave's affiliate plan is impossible without an organized plan and system. That's been my belief since October of 2009. And it's all about leadership. Leading is about sharing your vision for the future, and getting your team motivated to make it happen. Managing is about making sure everyone is doing what they should, the way they should, on a day-to-day basis. It's also about LISTENING - and I've been listening to various Team Members all week long. And based on that input, plus some ideas of my own, I've decided to make some major changes to my OceanSwell Team for the second half of 2010 and beyond... as well as some personal sacrifice.

Regarding that last subject: Starting after next Tuesday (June 15th), I will be running an AdWords campaign for both this Team and Juli's Team. That's not going to be cheap, but I'm not asking for any money. But it is necessary as the kind of enrollment numbers that we're going to need in the coming months cannot come from TE's and Safelists alone.

So, the enhanced advertising budget is a big change. The other two big changes are this: The weekly Ad Hit count of 500 (at a MINIMUM) is going to be strictly enforced. If that's just too much of a burden for you, then you cannot participate in this Team co-op and you will have to seek out some other opportunity that requires no work on your part. I will start counting this Sunday (the 13th) and will review the hits to everyone's tracking URL every Sunday thereafter. Those who don't do what's required (or do NOTHING) will receive three warnings before being removed from the Rotator lists permanently. And I did say lists, as in plural. From this day forward, we are moving to a triple-Rotator system. The first one is the same as before and 50% of all new enrollees will be placed under whatever Team Member is on top of it. The second Rotator is for those who have 'graduated' from the first one, and this includes every person who has ever gone through my Rotator who is still an Active member of TrafficWave! 25% of all new signups will be sent there. The third Rotator receives the other 25% and is for those who have had a useless downline member quit the program.

We've got all new ads, a new letter series (that is still evolving) a new triple Rotator system (designed to get you to Tsunami Level and KEEP you there) and an Adwords campaign (payed for BY me) and strict enforcement of the deadbeat rule to back it all up. The bottom line is that I'm confident enough to be in charge, but humble enough to realize when I'm wrong. I believe that leaders should make up their minds quickly and change them slowly, if at all. Perhaps I've taken too long to make these changes, but I'm making them now - as of today. By the way, anyone who wishes to see these updated Rotator lists can get a copy by sending me an email

Now let's earn some REAL money with TrafficWave this year...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Has Facebook Changed The Way of High School Reunions?

I came across an interesting article on CNN about Facebook which posed the question, ‘Is Facebook good or bad for school reunions?’

It caught my attention because it’s already been 10 years since I graduated high school, and I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to make the trip to go to my high school reunion. Through Facebook, I’ve connected with many of my fellow classmates and are able to see what most of them are up to through updates, photos and videos on a regular basis.

It’s actually quite interesting seeing my classmates go through different changes in their lives - such as getting married, having kids and other life changing events. It’s easy to just drop a quick note to say congrats, or just say hello to people I probably wouldn’t bother doing so if it wasn’t for Facebook. It’s also interesting to see things like, the class geek looking totally gorgeous now, or even becoming a fan of a Facebook page that one of your classmates created as a tribute to one of your favorite teachers.

I guess it really depends on your high school experience too. If you were a loner in high school, you may feel differently about adding high school classmates as friends, while other people have used Facebook to rekindle friendships. What do you think? Would you still attend your high school reunion if you already see what your fellow classmates are up to through Facebook?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 Free SEO Tools

You don't have to break the bank to apply search engine optimization to your website. Here are ten free tools that will assist you in your SEO efforts:

  1. SEO Quake - This toolbar for Firefox and Chrome provides important metrics for any website you visit, including Google PageRank, number of backlinks to a page and to a domain, number of pages indexed in Google, Alexa rank, and many others. This is a great place to start competitive research.
  2. SEMRush - This free tool lets you see what phrases a given website is ranking for in Google. By looking at the phrases your competitors rank for, you can get an idea of what phrases you should be optimizing your own website for.
  3. Google Webmaster Tools - This tool helps you ensure that there are no problems with your website that will hurt you in Google. You can see if you have any 404 errors, duplicate title tags, missing meta descriptions and many other issues. You can also submit an XML Sitemap to help Google crawl your entire website.
  4. Online Spider Simulator - See any page of your website the way search engine spiders see it. This is a great way to make sure all of your content is visible to the search engines.
  5. Keyword Density Tool - Provide a page url to this tool and it will return the keyword density of all phrases on the page. This will help you determine if your page is over-optimized for any phrases. Note that any phrases with a keyword density over 5% are likely over-optimized.
  6. Rank Checker - This Firefox plug-in provides your website's Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings of up to 100 keyword phrases at a time. Track your rankings over time to ensure that your SEO efforts are not in vain.
  7. Yahoo Site Explorer - See what websites are linking to your website or to your competitors' websites. By looking at your competitors' backlinks, you can identify pages that may be likely to link to you as well.
  8. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer - Determine the quality of your backlinks by seeing what are the most commonly used anchor text variations that link to your website.
  9. Google Keyword Tool - Research keyword phrases in your industry that people are searching for. This tool will give you suggestions of related keywords, as well as the number of times the phrases are searched each month and competitive data.
  10. The Internet Marketing Club - This community of online marketers is a great place to find out new SEO information, exchange tips and ideas, and ask questions of industry leaders. There is also a free weekly webinar that teaches members various aspects of search engine optimization and other internet marketing principles.

Yahoo Announces Further Social Integration

Founded in 1994 and stated to have over 600 million users across its Yahoo platform,
Yahoo announces a major rollout yesterday -- further integration with Facebook. This means Yahoo is now allowing users to view their Facebook feed and update their status directly from their Yahoo mail and the Yahoo Homepage. As like the rest of the web, Yahoo is announcing these features as part of their plan to become more open and social. Users will also be able to manage privacy settings along with their information via a central dashboard called Yahoo Pulse.

Do you feel you will be using Yahoo more with the further developments they have been announcing? I do feel they are moving in the right direction as they continue to simplify their homepage while making it more social friendly. For the longest time, I have felt their homepage was overwhelming with the amount of information on it. Now it not only is more simplistic, but also gives more helpful social options.

Monday, June 7, 2010 Presents Podcasting for Profit

Join Professional Podcaster and CEO of, Jay Berkowitz, as he is joined by the Founder of, JB Glossinger, and fellow podcasters who have discovered a way to make a living from Podcasting.

This presentation will explain the following topics:

• How to Monetize Your Podcast
• How to Build Your Podcast Audience
• What it takes to be #1 on iTunes
• Social Media Strategies for Your Podcast

This free webinar will take place Wednesday, June 9, 2010 12:30pmEST – 1:30pmEST. To register and for more information please visit: Podcasting for Profit

Friday, June 4, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#50)

"Where is Team OceanSwell headed?" "Where is this thing going?" "Why doesn't the Rotator move as fast as it used to and what's up with these Oceanswell Teams playing the one-upmanship game of promising ten referrals instead of five, or even fifteen?" "Is some other Team going to start promising 25... or 50?" "Are there any new and creative ways other than Get Referrals Fast to promote my personal TrafficWave URL?" "Does this Team co-op idea for TrafficWave have a future?"

These are the questions I get asked every single day. But before I can give my thoughts on any of that, it's important to review a little history. Fact: Before November of 2009, there simply wasn't much in the way of concentrated advertising for TrafficWave in the Traffic Exchanges other than the My Instant Biz promotion. I'd see some of Chase Swift's ads occasionally (which are very good, by the way) and the odd affiliate page thrown up there, but that's about it. However, with splash pages that I designed on my own, plus a viral ebook I wrote and with the TrafficWave co-op (and some other stuff), I personally referred over 70 people in 2009. Didn't matter. Almost every single one of them quit, and it cost me a small fortune in time, energy and money. But I didn't quit. That's because winners never quit and quitters never win. But that's when I started observing the phenomenon of the GDI Team-Builds. And when I tested one and it worked, I got real excited because I realized that nobody had tried this with the TrafficWave affiliate plan yet. So, over the course of a few days, I conceived a loosely organized idea for a TrafficWave Team-Build that I decided to call 'Team OceanSwell'... and I think Brian Rooney should give me a medal for it.

Today, the Team OceanSwell idea is six months old and it has set TrafficWave on fire! A year ago, you could buy shares in the TrafficWave affiliate co-op all month long. Today they sell out in 24 hours. In the span of six short months, the concepts incorporated within Team OceanSwell have spawned multiple 'me-too' copycat programs and various other systems centered around the awesome potential of TrafficWave's affiliate sales program. It's simply amazing how the thoughts of one person can change the online landscape in such a way.... and it happens real, real FAST. It's like chain-lightning in this business. If you're talking to me about 90 days ago, you're talking through a cloud of trail dust. Take this brand new program for example: SuccessQuick

Evidently, it was inspired by Team OceanSwell since they reference the promotion more than once in their product description! But you know what? SuccessQuick is a really good idea!!! It's a downline-builder, Traffic Exchange and red-hot money maker. That they would actually compare it to Team OceanSwell in their product description tells you what can happen in six short months when just one person comes up with a new idea. Amazing, isn't it? Internet Marketing is a dimension of thought as well as action, and you'd better be prepared for both - and be prepared to move FAST.

As for our Team Ad & Team Rotator method, it will continue indefinitely and continue to evolve. But because of the rapidly changing landscape, the pendulum is now swinging backward, toward a renewed emphasis upon learning how to actually USE the TrafficWave product and establishing systems for promoting your own affiliate URL outside of the Team-Build. Yes, the Team co-op will continue to work, but it will be slower now. Accept that. That's because interest in TrafficWave is now at an all-time high.

That is why it's important right now to quickly sum up a few basics for online business success with TraffcWave (and/or anything else):

1) PLEASE... treat your business as a business, and do it at all times. You need to get serious.

2) You need a website and/or blog within which you can place your TrafficWave advertising banner or subscription form. To get automated traffic to it, I recommend three things: ExitFire, TweetTrafficRush and Link Referral.

3) Follow-up personally with your referrals. There's a real person on the other side of your computer screen, so don't try to hide from them. Get to know the people you're doing business with and are partnering with. You will do SO much better if you do! This is a people business, as ALL business is!

4) Most important of all, it you're in this for the long-haul (and presumably for the rest of your life!), then you must commit to the task of building a large opt-in mail list - and TrafficWave just happens to be the perfect tool for that. List-building is going to be the central pillar of your Internet Marketing career and TrafficWave has an excellent affiliate plan to go along with it.

To be a part of TrafficWave and our OceanSwell Team co-op, you will need to enroll contact me (, and I will give you the link to enroll through. Then you can begin your own 'Internet Marketing Journey' with TrafficWave... and maybe even get rich.

Have a good and productive weekend!

Google Insights for Search

I attended the SFIMA Summit this past mid May and was blown away by Albert Chin’s presentation. Although he spoke about many topics the one that really caught my attention was Google Insights for Search.

With Google Insights for Search you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

Trying to choose the proper advertising message for a campaign is always a slippery slope. Insights gives you the ability to determine which messages resonate best. For example, a home builder may be unsure of whether it should highlight cost, location, or square footage to market a new development. When the three features are entered into Insights, you can see which words have the most interest.

Another great feature of Insights is the ability to examine seasonality. For example, a private island in the Bahamas that offers dolphin encounters may want to find out when people are search for swimming with dolphin terms most often.

Insights can be a helpful tool in creating brand associations as well. For example, a new client comes to looking for a new advertising campaign. The client needs to know what competing brands are doing and how they should position their products against them. Insights allows you to compare multiple products in one search. By carefully examining the results we can better help our clients understand the competitors’ offers, thereby creating a superior advertising campaign for our clients brands.

The final area that Insights can be useful in is when entering new markets. A coffee distributor may be looking to expand into new markets. By entering in coffee + distributor and comparing the data across multiple countries, such as Canada, Italy, and France, the distributor can get a sense of where interest is the highest.

As you can see, Insights gives you some great tools to research and fine tune your marketing campaigns. If nothing else take a little time and experiment with the tools, I have a feeling you’re going to love them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Google Rolls Out Personalized Search Pages

Within the next few days, more people will be able to have a personalized Google homepage, using their favorite photo. You can choose a photo from your computer or Picasa web album. If you've visited Bing, you probably notice the random images when you do searches there. Google took a step further and allowed their users to choose any photo they want. I think the idea of having a personalized Google page is neat, and makes searching on Google more your own. If you're not into that, you can still use the classic, clean Google homepage.

What do you think of this new feature? Do you prefer the classic white Google homepage, or will you be personalizing your homepage with your favorite photo?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Google Yourself Lately?

A recent Pew Research Center study showed us that 57% of adults have entered their own name into a search engine. As far as I'm concerned, the remaining 43% need to do so immediately. It is not a matter of curiosity, it is a matter of maintaining your reputation.

There is so much personal information available digitally about us these days. In many cases, this is not information we want to share with the world. So if you haven't Googled yourself lately, you don't even know if there is negative information about you online. 21st century reputation management weighs heavily on the Internet. In order to prevent your reputation from being tarnished, the first step is to identify the information about you that is available.

Hopefully no one is talking trash about you online, but what do you do if you Google yourself and find some bad publicity? The idea is to push anything negative down the search results and off the first page. The best way to do so is to create as many personal social media profiles as you can. By creating profiles on websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and PeoplePond, these profiles can show up on search results for your name and push down the trash talk. One thing to remember, however, is to fill out your profiles completely. Take advantage of all the space you are allotted and your profiles will be more likely to show at the top of the results.