Friday, June 11, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#51)

Earning money with TrafficWave's affiliate plan is impossible without an organized plan and system. That's been my belief since October of 2009. And it's all about leadership. Leading is about sharing your vision for the future, and getting your team motivated to make it happen. Managing is about making sure everyone is doing what they should, the way they should, on a day-to-day basis. It's also about LISTENING - and I've been listening to various Team Members all week long. And based on that input, plus some ideas of my own, I've decided to make some major changes to my OceanSwell Team for the second half of 2010 and beyond... as well as some personal sacrifice.

Regarding that last subject: Starting after next Tuesday (June 15th), I will be running an AdWords campaign for both this Team and Juli's Team. That's not going to be cheap, but I'm not asking for any money. But it is necessary as the kind of enrollment numbers that we're going to need in the coming months cannot come from TE's and Safelists alone.

So, the enhanced advertising budget is a big change. The other two big changes are this: The weekly Ad Hit count of 500 (at a MINIMUM) is going to be strictly enforced. If that's just too much of a burden for you, then you cannot participate in this Team co-op and you will have to seek out some other opportunity that requires no work on your part. I will start counting this Sunday (the 13th) and will review the hits to everyone's tracking URL every Sunday thereafter. Those who don't do what's required (or do NOTHING) will receive three warnings before being removed from the Rotator lists permanently. And I did say lists, as in plural. From this day forward, we are moving to a triple-Rotator system. The first one is the same as before and 50% of all new enrollees will be placed under whatever Team Member is on top of it. The second Rotator is for those who have 'graduated' from the first one, and this includes every person who has ever gone through my Rotator who is still an Active member of TrafficWave! 25% of all new signups will be sent there. The third Rotator receives the other 25% and is for those who have had a useless downline member quit the program.

We've got all new ads, a new letter series (that is still evolving) a new triple Rotator system (designed to get you to Tsunami Level and KEEP you there) and an Adwords campaign (payed for BY me) and strict enforcement of the deadbeat rule to back it all up. The bottom line is that I'm confident enough to be in charge, but humble enough to realize when I'm wrong. I believe that leaders should make up their minds quickly and change them slowly, if at all. Perhaps I've taken too long to make these changes, but I'm making them now - as of today. By the way, anyone who wishes to see these updated Rotator lists can get a copy by sending me an email

Now let's earn some REAL money with TrafficWave this year...