Monday, June 28, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#54)

Good job on the advertising last week, everybody. Very good! Our top-promoter was Mr. Terrence Hopkins and so he wins the weekly $10.00 prize! With the new-look ads, the new message and the increased level of advertising, we're doing alright. But I've got a new idea that I think everyone's going to like. I want to add another program to the Team OceanSwell promotion, in addition to TrafficWave. Now this has been suggested to me in the past and I rejected the idea because I thought it would be confusing and distracting. But it's always been in the back of my mind and I've finally had a change of heart.

I haven't decided on the program yet, and that's where I need everyone's input. I've got a couple of ideas, but I'd like to hear everyone's suggestions as well. This additional program will be OPTIONAL to join when a new Team Member joins TrafficWave through our Team co-op. She or he won't have to join it. It will simply be optional. Ideally, this will be an MLM-style program, it will be inexpensive (or maybe just a small, one-time fee) and it will mesh well with what we're already doing. But here's the part that will make a lot of people happy (and some people 'less' happy). To kick this off and get it started, I plan to 'flip' the Team upside down, as it concerns this new program only. That way, the people who are at the bottom of the Rotator will join first and I will join LAST. But hey, even if you join second-to last, you'll still have me hooked directly to you on your first level and I'd like to think that I'm a half-way decent promoter (smile).

So, to sum it up: I'm looking for input on which program this should be, I'm going to make a decision this week and (to kick it off with an exciting start), our newest Team Members get in first - and that includes those who join us today, or any time before I put this into place. So if you're reading this and are ready to join Team OceanSwell, there has never been a better time than right now. This could be the most exciting week we've ever had!

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