Friday, June 4, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#50)

"Where is Team OceanSwell headed?" "Where is this thing going?" "Why doesn't the Rotator move as fast as it used to and what's up with these Oceanswell Teams playing the one-upmanship game of promising ten referrals instead of five, or even fifteen?" "Is some other Team going to start promising 25... or 50?" "Are there any new and creative ways other than Get Referrals Fast to promote my personal TrafficWave URL?" "Does this Team co-op idea for TrafficWave have a future?"

These are the questions I get asked every single day. But before I can give my thoughts on any of that, it's important to review a little history. Fact: Before November of 2009, there simply wasn't much in the way of concentrated advertising for TrafficWave in the Traffic Exchanges other than the My Instant Biz promotion. I'd see some of Chase Swift's ads occasionally (which are very good, by the way) and the odd affiliate page thrown up there, but that's about it. However, with splash pages that I designed on my own, plus a viral ebook I wrote and with the TrafficWave co-op (and some other stuff), I personally referred over 70 people in 2009. Didn't matter. Almost every single one of them quit, and it cost me a small fortune in time, energy and money. But I didn't quit. That's because winners never quit and quitters never win. But that's when I started observing the phenomenon of the GDI Team-Builds. And when I tested one and it worked, I got real excited because I realized that nobody had tried this with the TrafficWave affiliate plan yet. So, over the course of a few days, I conceived a loosely organized idea for a TrafficWave Team-Build that I decided to call 'Team OceanSwell'... and I think Brian Rooney should give me a medal for it.

Today, the Team OceanSwell idea is six months old and it has set TrafficWave on fire! A year ago, you could buy shares in the TrafficWave affiliate co-op all month long. Today they sell out in 24 hours. In the span of six short months, the concepts incorporated within Team OceanSwell have spawned multiple 'me-too' copycat programs and various other systems centered around the awesome potential of TrafficWave's affiliate sales program. It's simply amazing how the thoughts of one person can change the online landscape in such a way.... and it happens real, real FAST. It's like chain-lightning in this business. If you're talking to me about 90 days ago, you're talking through a cloud of trail dust. Take this brand new program for example: SuccessQuick

Evidently, it was inspired by Team OceanSwell since they reference the promotion more than once in their product description! But you know what? SuccessQuick is a really good idea!!! It's a downline-builder, Traffic Exchange and red-hot money maker. That they would actually compare it to Team OceanSwell in their product description tells you what can happen in six short months when just one person comes up with a new idea. Amazing, isn't it? Internet Marketing is a dimension of thought as well as action, and you'd better be prepared for both - and be prepared to move FAST.

As for our Team Ad & Team Rotator method, it will continue indefinitely and continue to evolve. But because of the rapidly changing landscape, the pendulum is now swinging backward, toward a renewed emphasis upon learning how to actually USE the TrafficWave product and establishing systems for promoting your own affiliate URL outside of the Team-Build. Yes, the Team co-op will continue to work, but it will be slower now. Accept that. That's because interest in TrafficWave is now at an all-time high.

That is why it's important right now to quickly sum up a few basics for online business success with TraffcWave (and/or anything else):

1) PLEASE... treat your business as a business, and do it at all times. You need to get serious.

2) You need a website and/or blog within which you can place your TrafficWave advertising banner or subscription form. To get automated traffic to it, I recommend three things: ExitFire, TweetTrafficRush and Link Referral.

3) Follow-up personally with your referrals. There's a real person on the other side of your computer screen, so don't try to hide from them. Get to know the people you're doing business with and are partnering with. You will do SO much better if you do! This is a people business, as ALL business is!

4) Most important of all, it you're in this for the long-haul (and presumably for the rest of your life!), then you must commit to the task of building a large opt-in mail list - and TrafficWave just happens to be the perfect tool for that. List-building is going to be the central pillar of your Internet Marketing career and TrafficWave has an excellent affiliate plan to go along with it.

To be a part of TrafficWave and our OceanSwell Team co-op, you will need to enroll contact me (, and I will give you the link to enroll through. Then you can begin your own 'Internet Marketing Journey' with TrafficWave... and maybe even get rich.

Have a good and productive weekend!