Thursday, February 21, 2013

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#73)

Are we still doing the Team Co-Op?  Of course, we are!  I just haven't done a Team update in such a long time because, quite frankly, I don't think that many people actually read them.  Secondly, we've had a lot of Team members quit (sometimes, two weeks after they join) and I just don't have the time or patience anymore to constantly reassure people or to hold their hand... or whatever it is they need me to do.  This thing is enough work as it is!  If the letter series doesn't explain what we are doing, or you 'can't afford' $18.00 a month (or whatever), there's really nothing else I can do for you.  I can help a thousand, but I can't carry three on my back.  No offense, but babies weren't born to be carried all their life.  I'm just too busy with the hospital career and coffee to worry about it. 

All that said, Team Oceanswell is still here and it's not going away.  The system works as designed.  All the links function normally, it's still getting advertised all over the place and - yes - we do have new members joining.  Personally, I am using my TrafficWave autoresponder more than ever.  I know I've said it about a million times, but I don't see how you can do business online without it.

Now if you've read this far, you may be wondering about that portrait of MLK to the left.  Well, last month had Martin Luther King day and it got me thinking about the art piece you see here.  This guy had a simple idea and created a masterpiece with it - using nothing but Rubiks cubes.  That impresses me a LOT because it's a reminder that you can create something wonderful with the most simple building blocks.  All you have to to is apply yourself and see your project through to fruition.  I don't care if it's getting rich with online business, getting rich with coffee, a goal of physical fitness, earning a chemical engineering degree, building a wildlife sanctuary or even leading a civil rights movement.  If you can say "I have a dream", and mean it, then you can do anything.

Just remember that, ultimately, nobody else is responsible for your life but you. Nobody else is accountable for your actions but you. Therefore, nobody’s expectations for you and opinions about you are as important as your own!  That's why YOU have to hold on to your dreams.  And it also means that you must be prepared to sell your ideas to an indifferent world.  This is something I'm very familiar with.

You are going to find resistance and indifference every time you share your dream because people won't believe you, they doubt themselves or they just don't care.  In fact, people are generally more interested in their own dreams and goals than yours.  Even friends and family (especially them) can be suspicious and guarded when anyone tries to sell them on an idea or change their minds.  So my message today is don't let anyone steal your dreams.  Have some faith in what you're doing, believe in yourself and never, Never, NEVER quit.  I'm not going to.


By the way, JSS Tripler was/is a ponzi scheme and a complete rip-off.  It took me a year to figure it out, but that's why I call this blog 'My Internet Marketing Journey'.  In fact, other than TrafficWave and Global NPN, just about every online 'program' I've been associated with has been a total scam.  There have been a few exceptions (that's true), but only a few.  That's why these two are the only ones Team OceanSwell will ever employ - and I actually use TrafficWave a lot. 

Sometimes, you have set-backs, but I'm not the kind to let it bother me.  Now, after all this writing, it's time for some more coffee...