Saturday, November 28, 2009

TrafficWave and Team OceanSwell - Part I

This blog is titled 'My Internet Marketing Journey' for a good reason: because it catalogues much of that journey step by step. And where that journey has finally lead me is to the creation of Team OceanSwell - THE way for anyone to be a success with my favorite MLM/affiliate program, TrafficWave. This new Team downline (as of today's date), has accomplished more in a few short weeks than few people will accomplish in a year or more (or EVER), and I know that to be a fact.

There are so many people out there who want to earn money online. They hate their jobs and our money buys less and less at the store. It's getting really bad. What I've seen in my two years of marketing online is that there is no shortage of people with the desire to succeed and the willingness to work at it in their spare time. The problem is that they're lost, overwhelmed by it all and simply don't know what to to.

TrafficWave's product and affiliate pay plan attracts an enormous number of new members on a regular basis because of the 30-Day Free Trial offer. The problem is that virtually EVERYONE lets their account go inactive after those 30 days. This is because they join to make money and if they don't see any progress in 30 days, they simply quit.

The TrafficWave autoresponder is great product that, long term, you really need in this business. However, very few people join TrafficWave for the autoresponder anymore than people join GDI for the web hosting. They join for the affiliate pay plan. They want the MONEY!

For that reason, TrafficWave's 'forced' matrix affiliate downline structure has a very strong appeal. For most people, the idea that their sponsor simply can't recruit indefinitely on her or his first level, but must provide 'matrix-spillover', sounds very good. In fact, it sounds so good that most affiliate members simply do nothing but sit there and wait for it. The problem is that, though it is a 'forced' matrix, nobody is forced to do anything - and most will not, can not and WON'T! And one or two people can't do it all by themselves. Trust me, I know.
That's why Team OceanSwell is so powerful. It takes the idea of a forced matrix and adds the element of forced teamwork and forced referrel success. It accomplishes this with an aggressive and caring Team Leader and a SIMPLE system that everyone uses consistently and perstistently. Because everyone in the Team downline is forced to help and motivate each other (they have no other choice) it works like a miracle. And that means that the 'fantasy' of earning online money that can actually PAY a bill or two becomes reality.

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