Sunday, January 10, 2010

TrafficWave and Team OceanSwell - Part III

Team OceanSwell was born from the experiences catalogued in this blog. Specifically, the enormous success I've had over the last two years recruiting TrafficWave affiliates, only to see 95% of them let their accounts go inactive within 90 days.

I believe in Brian Rooney (owner of TrafficWave), I believe in the product and I've always understood the AWESOME potential of the affiliate pay plan. I just couldn't understand why nobody else could see it. How is it than one person could 'get it' in the midst of so many who couldn't, wouldn't or would not? Then I finally realized what the problem was - why so many will simply give up and quit.

It's because they feel LOST.

With Internet Marketing, people just don't know what to do. That, and they don't believe it's real. In fact, that sums up most people who join any online affiliate program. They think they're being lied to, and they're usually right. Like a stray dog who's been kicked a time or two, they just don't trust strangers anymore.

So how can you build a real TrafficWave downline this year? How can YOU be one of the rare successes in this confusing and frustrating industry?

You need a plan and you need a system - and you need to see both of them working with your own eyes. Most important of all, you need your referrals to have the same plan and use the same system. That's what Team OceanSwell is all about. It's simple, it's effective, and it is THE way for the average person to make TrafficWave work.

No, we aren't promising to build your downline for you. Plenty of people will tell you that LIE. You will be expected to work and you will be expected to have patience, especially in the beginning. But if saw the potential with TrafficWave before and just couldn't make it work, or if you've heard of TrafficWave and would like to give it a try, then I offer a way that you CAN make it work.

Like anything honest, our Team system requires patience and work. But if you follow the simple instructions (and can be PATIENT!), you will most definitely succeed with our surprisingly easy methods. We make it literally impossible for you to fail.

Why not check it out today?