Thursday, January 14, 2010

TrafficWave and Team OceanSwell - Part IV

I'm not rich. If you're reading this, you're probably not rich either. And unless you ARE rich already, it takes lots and lots of time to build an online business from scratch. Even small 'brick and mortar' businesses take a minimum of $25,000 to $100,000 to get off the ground. That is why starting an online business without an investment of similar size requires a great deal of patience.

That's because you can trade time for money, especially online where you have little to no overhead costs. People who are successful online have lots and lots of patience. In fact, it's the single most important thing when it comes to earning money online. Without it, you don't stand a chance. However, with patience and determination, nothing can stop you.

Any follower of this blog (or anyone who scans its many posts) can see that 'My Internet Marketing Journey' was a good name for it. That's exactly what it's been; a journey. It's been a process of learning, testing, trying new things and (of course) spending bundles of money for countless ebooks, pdf's, software downloads, e-courses, etc.

I've been through the maze (wandering in all directions) and have come through the other side, finally understanding what it takes to combine patience with a definite plan of action that WILL produce results.

Team OceanSwell is the product of everything thing that I've learned as a result of having PATIENCE.

But the best part is, TrafficWave's Team OceanSwell makes it possible for the average person to actually develop an online income without having to spend the years it took me to put all the parts together. It STILL requires plenty of patience and effort, but I've found that most people will accept that so long as they have a set of specific directions to follow that actually work.

If you join us today, you'll be very glad you did by Christmas 2010. And if you don't, you'll wish you had...