Friday, February 11, 2011

New Changes in Store for Facebook Pages

Facebook has been rapidly advancing in the past year. After recently changing their messaging system, and launching a Profile redesign, today you will see new features to the Pages.

The new Facebook Pages layout is quite similar to the new Facebook Profiles. Facebook Pages have a nice layer of photos at the top of their page, as well as the navigation below their "profile photo". Some new features are:

  • Left-hand information box below the profile photo is now removed
  • Page admins can now add their information about their brand directly below the main title
  • The right menu highlights the page admins (if you choose to display their profiles)
  • The right menu also has a section that shows how many mutual friends have "liked" that page
  • Page admins can also "login as a Page", which gives them the ability to interact within Facebook as the Page itself
  • Pages cannot post on a user's wall or comment on their status, rather they can post on another page as the brand
  • Filters can be applied to bring the most relevant posts from the page's community to the forefront
  • The new Facebook Pages can also filter out posts that are not in the language that you speak!
Check out an example from on the new Facebook Pages:

For more information on the new Facebook Pages, visit What are your thoughts on the new layout?