Saturday, March 21, 2009

GDI Gold Rush Explained

Here in Texas, lots of kids like to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions by being blindfolded and whacking away at a paper mache container filled with candy and other prizes. It's a lot of fun for kids, that's for sure.

Unfortunately, Internet Marketing can feel a lot like that when you don't know what to do or who to do business with - and that's no fun for us grown-ups. That's why I'd like to say a little bit about something called 'GDI Gold Rush'.

If you are not familiar with GDI (Global Domains International), you should have a look at them:

GDI is a web host with an amazing affiliate marketing plan. They are a very solid company and offer an array of resources for anyone wishing to build an online business marketing their product. During the early portion of my 'Internet Marketing Journey', I tried to do just that - only to give up out of frustration. But that was then and this is now, which brings me to GDI Gold Rush.

What my experience has taught me, and the reason that this blog exists, is that it is impossible for anyone who is new to this business to succeed without help. GDI Gold Rush is a TEAM concept that addresses this issue quite well. The replicated team home page looks like this:

The primary benefit of the team concept is saving time. Internet Marketing (no matter what the product or service that you are selling) requires time & money. You can save time by spending money and you can save money by investing your time. But reducing the learning curve with knowledge will save you both.

GDI Gold Rush is such a good idea that I have taken it a step further with my own '30-Day Success System'. (See the upper right portion of this page) My system is built primarily around two lucrative affiliate marketing programs: GDI & TrafficWave

Not only do I introduce you to GDI Gold Rush, but I also show you how to make the most of a second powerhouse affiliate program, and that's TrafficWave ( Slowly, steadily and day-by-day, I take you through the steps to build the foundation of a genuine online business that can grow into a satisfying, supplemental income or (ultimately) even replace your job.

In thirty days, I will at least have you on a solid footing that I can promise will shave six months to a year off the time it would take to learn this on your own. Will it teach you everything that you need to know? Of course not. This is a fluid and ever-changing marketplace which requires a lifetime commitment to learning.
I know one thing, though. My methods work for me and my business is steadily growing every month. What's more, most of the people earning fortunes online have only been at it for a few years (some even less).

If you're ready to get started today and work with me, just fill out the little two-line form in the upper right hand corner under '30-Day Success System and click 'submit'. I'll see you on the other side.
Once there, you can take off the blindfold and stop trying to hit the pinata of online success...