Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Use An Autoresponder?

If your goal is to earn extra income online or to develop a full-time, online business, then you are going to have to learn all about email marketing.

Too many people link the words 'email marketing' with 'spam' and so hesitate to use email ads in order to expand their new affiliate marketing programs. Either that, or they simply don't know what to do or how to do it. In fact, as I first began to grow my own multi-tiered affiliate marketing businesses, I found that the number one obstacle to rapid growth in these programs was that my referrals simply didn't know what to do next after joining. That's a big problem, actually - and it's still a challenge today!

So, to that end, I took a look at my chosen MLM affiliate programs and decided to 'marry them together' by creating a plan - and especially a set of tools - that anyone can use to do the exact same things that I do every day. One absolutely essential tool for online business building is your autoresponder. It's the foundation of everything that you will do with Internet marketing. The autoresponder that I use is

TrafficWave is a core component of my 30-Day Success System (see the upper right corner of this page) and for good reason. It has everything that you will need when it comes to a toolbox for email marketing. But more than that (and this is the best part!), it is also a sizzling, red-hot MLM affiliate business. My philosophy is that everything you do online should be geared toward earning money. With that attitude, I'm not just going to use any autoresponder. I'm picking one for a reason. One of the primary reasons for choosing Trafficwave was (and is) the affiliate program. It's simply wonderful.

But in any downline-building business, the question everybody asks, is: How MUCH do I get paid?

That's the question that you need to have a very good answer for when talking to potential referrals - and that's why my 100%, without a doubt, FAVORITE program is TrafficWave. Not only do I use & recommend it, but it's all about the Affiliate Program. Check this out:

TrafficWave's three part compensation plan is a work of art!

Part I is a basic 3 X 10 matrix that pays out a residual $6.00 per person on your first level and $1.00 per person down an additional nine(9) levels. A whole lot of network marketing people just love matrix-type comp plans because of the "spillover" effect and TEAM concept.

Part II is a "Fast Track" Bonus. The first month you sponsor a new pro member, you'll receive a 100% commission on the new member's first month's membership fee! This is an incredibly important feature.

Finally, Part III of the Trafficwave compensation plan is a Leadership Bonus (paid in addition to your other bonuses!) whereby you can earn up to 50% of the commissions earned by the pro members you've personally sponsored!

Nice program, huh!?

Look, there are other auto-responders out there. I know that. But TrafficWave is the TOTAL PACKAGE. It's a complete, self-contained business and you've just gotta' trust me: The advertising co-op is awesome. It filled my #1 matrix level the first month I was a member.

Folks, for some people, online marketing is nothing more than a hobby. Deep down, they're not really serious about it. It's why they fail. Want a hobby? Collect stamps, catch butterflies or glue macaroni on things. This is a business. And of everything I do online, the one program that I use the most and pays me the most is TrafficWave. And you want to know the best part? It's the most complete and affordable, stand-alone business on the web right now. There's nothing better. TrafficWave isn't fancy. There's no glitz. There's no glamor. It's kind of a plain vanilla, brown, paper wrapper sort of thing. It just WORKS.

If you're not an active member yet, come in - take the plunge and start running your new business right now, today. It's the best thing you'll ever do for yourself and your family.