Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some good advice for earning money online

Fast, easy, money online doesn't exist. Well, actually it does, but you need a good opt-in mail list. And to build such a list, you simply have to have a product like TrafficWave. What I mean to say is that if you have a large enough (and responsive) list, you can earn money every time you hit the 'send' button. That's how the pro's do it. And anybody can be a pro, by the way. All it takes is time and determination. But the great, laughable mystery of Internet Marketing is (and always will be) the vast number of people who think that because 'it's online' that it's easy and requires no effort... or no money.

That's funny.

Internet Marketing isn't easy, but it is simple if you let it be. What do I mean by that? I mean that the methods for establishing and growing an online business are well-established. In fact, business is business - online or offline. It doesn't matter. You need a product that people want and a way to tell them about it. That's what I mean by simple. The part that's not easy is learning how to tell people about your online product or service and then DOING it. Below is an email I just received from my sponsor in Stress Free Salary. He's a good guy. I'm publishing it exactly the way he wrote it - typos and everything - because it's from the heart and reinforces what I've been saying in this post. Although it regards Stress Free Salary, it naturally applies to promoting Team OceanSwell or your personal TrafficWave affiliate link as well.

From Mr. Brent Bertsch (enjoy)...

Hello team,

This email is going out to all members in my SFS team so it's not directed at anyone particularly, but you should know if it applies to you or not. I also realize some of you are no longer in TWR, I don't know why not as this is one of the easiest business to build that I have ever been in, but this email also doesn't apply to you, unless you decide to join use again of course, which you are always welcome to do. This email is kinda on the long side but it just contains a few thoughts I had about the mindset you should be in and the general mindset that some people have when they come online as well as a way to improve your business.

Ok, so, lets talk about spillover. Over the past few weeks I have gotten a lot of you quite a bit of spillover, some a lot more then others, and some not so much, and some of you are yet to get any. However, just because you are getting spillover doesn't mean you sit back and watch the signups come in without doing anything. This is not some ponzi scheme where you pay money without doing anything and the owners take money from the people who join after you to pay you. This is a real business and if you aren't doing anything then don't expect to gain much in return. After all, you reap what you sow, and if you don't sow, or don't sow very much, then you are defiantly not going to reap anything. I don't mean this to upset anyone or anything like that, I am not even angry or anything as I write this. I just realize that relying on someone else to build your business for you is not sustainable and ethical and in the end you will lose out.

I try and get everyone spillover, but it's impossible to get spillover for everyone as I can't recruit the thousands of people necessary to do that. SFS allows me to see how many leads you bring in and how many signups you have brought into SFS, so I know exactly those of you who have spillover under you but have 0 leads and 0 signups. If you haven't gotten a signup with Yahoo yet, then you should really go through the instructions again and make sure your account is setup and that you are getting clicks and impressions. I personally setup an ad in my Yahoo account after hearing many of you having troubles and I assigned $30 to my account and got leads and a signup, and over 10,000 impressions in just under a week from first setting up my account and that is not even counting the the few extra tricks I sent out the other day as I ran out of funds before I got a chance to fully implement them . Of course, I don't qualify for the $100 free credit as I already had a Yahoo account previously but with $100 you should easily be getting those 4 signups with that $100.

Bringing in a new member into TWR is VERY easy, so if you are having trouble doing so, then you defiantly aren't doing enough or are doing something wrong, not trying to offend anyone, just making a point. Over a week ago I sent out an email to all of you about the EXACT resources that I am using to build my team to over 180 members. And let me repeat that, EXACTLY, what I am doing to build my team to over 180 members. Well, there you go, there is no secret to getting tons of signups. It takes, money investment, hardwork, dedication, and also maybe giving up on a few luxury's in life to build your business and attain that goal of working from home or earning additional supplemental income. You don't start a McDonalds franchise with 0 investment, and you don't start any brick and mortar business with no investment, so why should it be any different online? The idea that people think the internet is full of free money is quite shocking to me and that people come online thinking that they can get money for doing next to nothing is mind blowing, but then when these people don't get their money for doing little to no work they get angry, and what's even more astounding, is that THEY actually think they earned the right to receive money for doing next to no work! How does that work out? On top of that people have to realize that just because they are paying monthly for a product or service with an income opportunity attached that they earn the right to earn whatever arbitrary number a company mentions without doing any work. I have had more then a few people email me saying, " I just noticed I have been paying so and so company for the past few months but this hasn't payed me any money yet. Is this a scam?" I reply back asking them what they have been doing to advertise and if they have been trying safelists, listbuilders, solo ads or whatever and most of the time I won't get any reply and in a few days they cancel there accounts. Other people seem kinda shocked that they have to do work, and they will ask me what a safelist is and what they have to do and I will see them send a few hits for awhile, but not enough to get any signups and they will reply back and complain after a few days that they get no signups and then they too will quit.

If you decided to not work at your day job, you get fired! If you own a business and decide you don't want to go out do bids for jobs, guess what, you won't get any job, and you won't earn any money! I recently been seeing biblical quote from a traffic exchange guy, and I have to say I agree with it fully. ".....that if any would not work, neither should he eat." 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Some of you might be saying, well, it's easy for you to upgrade in all of those listbuilders and send out the solo ads as you probably are making a ton of money already! Well, I work as a landscaper and I make less then $2000/month doing that AND my online business, so it's not like I am rich or anything like that and I also juggle landscape side jobs, and also fix computers on the side as well and still earn less then $2000/month. Back in 2006 and 2007 I was like most of you and struggling to get signups into my business and I thought I was doing a lot, I was posting to about 10 safelists a week and doing some traffic exchange surfing, when in reality I had no idea that what I was doing wasn't even close what I had to do to even start seeing success.

I finally decided, that it wasn't the programs fault for me not getting signups, but it was my own fault and that I was doing something wrong. Back then I was unemployed for about 8 months after the company I was working for went out of business so I literally had zero income, but I decided to take an upgrade in ListJoe so that I could mail to 5000 members every 3 days. So mailed to list joe, added some more safelists to the mix, ALOT more, and sent out a solo ad or two, and low and behold, I got signups and in my first month I made $700 minus the $200/year for Listjoe and $20 or so for the solo ads. Cool!

Since, figuring that out, I have slowly been adding new listbuilders to my list as money allows and my income has slowly been growing as well with each new resource I add. And now, I have a list of over 2 dozen sites that I mail too every 2-5 days (as often as they allow me to mail) and I get signups pretty much every time I mail. So, the moral of all this is that if you don't have any cash what so ever you need to be posting to over a dozen free credit safelists on a DAILY basis and using that $100 Yahoo ppc and doing everything you can to get those signups. If you are posting to less then a dozen sites a day, well, you probably already know what kind of results you will get. So, just keep that in mind when you are working online and just remember, that most of the time it's not the programs fault, though I do realize that SFS isn't perfect and that there has been some issue with the Yahoo lately, but it's no excuse not to get out there and post on to some of the thousands of safelists that are out there.

To your success,

Brent Bertsch