Wednesday, September 8, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#60)

Are you the right fit for Internet Marketing? I'm moved to ask this question due the large numbers of similar emails I've received over the last ten months from members of Team OceanSwell. In fact, I'm still receiving them. Basically, they are variations of the same question, "What are YOU going to do about my situation... and WHEN?" My answer, of course, is always the same, "I am going to keep doing what I've been doing and I invite you to do the same."

If our Team-Build idea just doesn't satisfy you, or if it isn't 'fast' enough for you, then you're just going have to do something extra on your own. Sounds logical, doesn't it? The fact that Team OceanSwell has grown to over 1,500 Team Members (and continues to grow on a weekly basis) is proof of the concept that was born in November of 2009. The fact that we now have six(6) Team Members among the Top 20 earners in TrafficWave is even more proof. Will this Team help you in your online business? You bet it will! Will it change your life all by itself, and do it overnight? Absolutely not. If you're already a veteran of online business, you should know better. If you're new to all of this, then those are the facts. One person wrote me, saying, "I've received some direct referrals through the Rotator, but they quit. What are YOU going to do about that?" One thing that I need to remind everybody of is that your referrals are real people, just like you. And they want and need the same things that you do. You should be communicating and networking with them in order to build relationships. Communication is such a huge part of this business. In fact, it IS the business! And it's the thing that nobody wants to do. Why? Because it involves 'doing something' - i.e. work. That's why I feel that some people just need to do a gut check and ask themselves if this business is really the right fit for them. I really and truly don't think this is for everyone.

Another thing I hear a lot is that I (me) need to increase the weekly advertising minimums for Team Members. But if you think I should double it, then why don't you do the minimum for the Team and spend the rest of that energy promoting your OWN affiliate links in addition to the Team Ads? You can also be an OceanSwell Team Leader and design your own ads, write your own letters, advertise in your own way, etc. and I will help you do that! But unless you're willing to do any of those things, what's the point in writing me and complaining?


You want the 'secret' to building some kind of meaningful income online? Here it is. You need an affiliate product to promote, preferably one with a recurring monthly payment, such as TrafficWave. You need to be an advertising MACHINE, using as much automation as possible, and you should be building your email contact list so that you can share future products and services with your subscribers. You also need a 'gimmick', an angle or a system - something that makes you new or different in a compelling way. You have got to move, think, create and do your own research. Don't believe everything you hear, not even from me. Everyone reading this has a computer and access to the Internet and all of the information that's out there for everyone to learn. But ultimately, personal success only comes to those who put forth the time and effort to produce results. You can join program after program, but the 'join and hope' strategy will fail every single time.

It's amazing. People don't want to do anything, yet they expect to have everything anyway. And I also understand about having a job, kids, funerals or whatever else that you have to deal with in your life. We're all the same in that way, but I don't want to hear about it. I also know that times are hard and some Team Members can barely scrape together $20.00 a month for online business. I don't want to hear about that either because it's not my problem. That might sound cold and maybe not what you're expecting to hear from me, but it is the truth and you need to know the truth. I'm not here to lecture anybody or talk down to anyone, but there seem to be quite a few people out there who aren't quite in touch with the realities of Internet business. I think it's all the outrageous claims and flashy websites with expensive cars, mansions, piles of gemstones etc.. It's ridiculous. Obviously, the TrafficWave autoresponder is indispensable when it comes to list-building and automation. And TrafficWave is a real company that's been around for a decade and isn't going anywhere. With this one, single tool and affiliate program - combined with your own imagination, personal initiative and the help of Team OceanSwell - there really are no limits to what you can conceive and achieve.

Now, as far as our Team progress, we have made the full transition to folding the triple-rotator system into the new revolving URL's and it's working as intended - both for TrafficWave and the optional NPN Team-Build that so many are taking advantage of. And yes, we have new Team Members joining every week. Unfortunately, we have some that leave every week as well. That's part of affiliate marketing. But, overall, our Team Continues to grow and I don't see that ever changing since more and more people across the country (and around the world!) are either discovering Internet Marketing for the very first time, or are coming back to it after some early failures. From the Team Leader perspective, I plan to keep doing what I've always been doing and just keep getting better and better at it. That's my plan. That's all I can ever do and it's the only 'guarantee' I can ever give you. The rest... is up to YOU.