Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#61)

Automating your email marketing (and your Internet Marketing in general) is what gives you the freedom to expand your business, take on new projects or even have some spare time for a change! In fact, freedom is why we're all drawn to online business in the first place. In this industry, automation and systems = FREEDOM. The Team-Ad/Rotator system at the core of Team OceanSwell is one such system, and it continues to attract new freedom-seekers on a weekly basis. That is why, today, I would like to welcome our newest Team Members in both TrafficWave and Global NPN: Dante Trimble, Steve Hassell, Roosevelt Crawford, Helma Maagdeleyn, Margaret M. Ellington and Nik Mohamed Saufi! Welcome to the Team!

But when it finally comes, freedom in Internet Marketing doesn't come from automation and systems alone. Before you can have those things in place, you need information, you need to actually learn from it (and follow through on it!), you absolutely need personal initiative and, most important of all, you just need some HELP sometimes. So this month, the $40.00 monthly cash bonus goes out to Ms. Brenda Gray. Brenda has been with the Team since it's earliest days. She's been loyal and patient. She's also a hard-worker and quite creative. These are all qualities that you need in your personal quest for financial freedom online! So that $40.00 bonus, from me to a random Team Member every month, is one more way in which I am committed to your freedom, just as much as I am to mine. Since everyone is looking for that elusive 'secret' to building MLM affiliate downlines, here's a big one: Help your downline members build THEIR downlines, rather than focusing on yours.

That's going to have to be it for this update - short & sweet. I'm running short on TIME, just like the rest of you. Keep the faith, keep working and keep learning. We can't all soar with the eagles when we're just getting started, but we all have to learn how to fly on our own - and you cannot do that unless you are committed to continuing education on email marketing and online promotion systems in general. If you never stop learning and never stop growing, no one can keep you caged!