Wednesday, December 1, 2010

35 Hours of YouTube Content is added every minute and more great Stats from Web 2.0 Presentation

Mary Meeker gave a great presentation at Web 2.0, here’s a few summary points and the link to the presentation:

- There are 1.8 Billion Global Internet Users 384 MM in China, 240 MM in the US
- 670 MM 3G Mobile Internet Subscribers Worldwide Top market is US with 136.6 MM 48% 3G penetration, followed by Japan with 106.3 MM and 96% 3G penetration
- Facebook 620MM users, Tencent in China 637 MM active IM users
- Smartphones to pass PC Shipments in 2012 (to almost 500 Million units shipped)
- Global Internet Ad Revenue up to $54 Billion in 2009
- Facebook Fan Pages with most ‘Likes’ Texas Hold’em Poker (Zygna) 27.2 Million fans, Facebook 25.2 Million, YouTube 19.6 Million, Starbucks 16.9 Million, Coca-Cola 16.7 Million
- Twitter has 102 Million users, Oprah now has 4.5MM Twitter followers, Britney Spears 6.3 Million, Ashton Kutcher has 6.1 Million still most popular
- Social Networks passed Portals for most online Display ad Units with 27% share (but a low $.55 CPM)
- Online now accounts for ~ 5% of all retail sales
- 35 Hours of YouTube Content is added every minute!
- Apple has a $290B market valuation, guess the name of #4 with $41B (Tencent – China)
- A final piece of good news – 92% Plan to celebrate a Major winter holiday (Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa)