Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#62)

"What's going on with Global NPN?  I haven't heard anything in days!" 

"I don't have any referrals yet and I've been in this thing for three weeks already!"

"Is this program dead?  You said it was going to be big!"

These are a sampling of some of the questions/comments that I've been receiving lately with regard to the (optional) second Team-Build launched by the famous Team OceanSwell this fall.  Fair enough, but this one is the best one of all.  In fact, I'm going to base this entire Team Update on it.  Are you ready for this one?  Received 10/2/10:

"I joined Global NPN through Team OceanSwell almost 30 days ago.  I paid $11.00 once and am about to be charged again.  $11.00 might not be a lot to you, but it's a LOT to me and that's why you owe me some answers right now!  I want to know, from you, what you DO on a daily basis to promote this Team.  Do you just count money all day, or do you actually work like you expect the rest of us to?  What I want is an ACCOUNTING of what you actually do on a daily basis.  If you expect to receive $11.00 from me every month, sir, I expect a detailed list of your promotional activities.  Because I don't think you do a damned thing.  And If I don't hear from you in 24 hours, you will hear from ME again and again until I get the answers that you owe me."

OK, that email is a word for word copy-and-paste but it's simply a more elaborate version of, "I joined the Team but I'm not making money.  Why?" 

So here's your answer.  If you joined Team OceanSwell and you want to know why you haven't received direct referrals yet, it's because:  1)  It takes longer than you imagine it should.  2)  You aren't doing anything to help yourself.

The Team Ad/Team Rotator system that we use is a proven concept.  It's worked in the past.  It's working today and it will continue to work.  The proof is the fact that this month will be our one-year anniversary and Team OceanSwell has gone from three people to over 1,500 in that span of time.  Are those people direct referrals to me in TrafficWave and Global NPN?  Of course not.  Our plan and our system sequentially placed them under participating Team Members, over and over again until we are where we are today.  Has it been perfect?  No.  Show me something perfect.  Has it been 'fast'?  I don't know, because 'fast' means different things to different people.  What I can tell you with 100% certainty is that there is the speed that people imagine things should happen (and demand!) and then there is reality.  The reality that about 97% of the people involved with Internet Marketing REFUSE to accept, is that this business takes time... and quite a bit of it.  But did you know that you (as in you) can control that?

There is absolutely nothing - nothing - preventing any Team Member from promoting an ad of his or her own creation that links to their affiliate page for TrafficWave or NPN.  You can make your own ad, put your picture in it and even link it to an AR series in order to build your critically important email-contact list.  All the ad needs to be is a picture of your smiling face with a headline that says, "I joined Global NPN through Team OceanSwell and so should you!".   When someone enrolls as an affiliate through your unique ad, they are free to join the Team and become active downline members with my help, and the help of the other Team Members!  All they would have to do is contact me.

Yes, yes, yes... the Team Ads are the core of our promotional system.  And the minimum, expected weekly page-count from each Team Member is necessary for order and continuity.  But beyond that, there's about a MILLION things that you can do on your own to help your affiliate sales force grow faster!  Like, why not do those things?  If you need suggestions, our Marketing Tips series gives you plenty.

As for what I (as in ME) 'do' on a daily basis, here's a short synopsis:

1)  I have a JOB, that I am obliged to go to - sometimes up to seven(7) days a week - and that includes the drive back and forth.  I also have to eat, sleep and occasionally interact with family members.  Believe it nor not, just these few things take a significant amount of time.  And that assumes that I never have any family emergencies, car breakdowns, catching a cold or whatever.  Oh yeah, and I have to mow the law and stuff like that too.

2)  I answer emails - dozens a day - from people demanding to know what I'm doing.  The bigger the Team gets, the more of them I receive.  I do my very best to answer any kind of anticipated question here on the blog or in the AR series, but it doesn't matter.  A certain number of people will want to hear from ME (personally) on a regular basis and nothing short of that will satisfy them.  If I didn't care, I wouldn't asnwer this daily deluge in my inbox.  But because I DO care, I answer each and every message in the best way I can.  That takes an enormous amount of time.  In fact, it takes so much time that I could literally do nothing else every single day and still never finish it.

3)  Like you, I surf the TE's and open safelist emails for credits.  That takes time, and I can only give it about 2 hours a day - MAX - sometimes more on weekends.  I wish I could do more, but there's not enough time.

4)  I add content to my blogs (this isn't the only one, BTW), comment on other blogs, skyping with Didi, build back-links to this blog (and the others), constantly revise my AR series, maintain my Adwords campaign, work some forums, work my multiple Twitter accounts, update the Team OceanSwell Ads, check out new products and software that might help us promote (i.e. endless webinars and videos)... and about a million other things, as time allows.  I advertise this Team in a lot of places and am always looking for new ones!  And you know what?  If there's something ELSE I should be doing, but am neglecting to do, I'm all ears and my email inbox is open to suggestions.  Please let me know!

Now I realize that what I've just written isn't going to satisfy those who are desperate for me to supply them with downline members today, but the truth is still the truth and our Team-Build system is what it is.  What else can I say?  But for now, I've got to slip away and get back to work.  I'm simply out of time...