Sunday, October 17, 2010

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#64)

If you are involved with Team OceanSwell's optional second program (Global NPN), and sent me a personal photo and the other info I asked for, you will be receiving your unique, hosted ad shortly.  Some of you have already received yours, but everyone who has asked will get one.  This weekend, I've been side-tracked by getting set up with this new promotional system that all TrafficWave members can use, called, Infinity Cash Formula.  While on the surface, it doesn't appear to have anything to do with TrafficWave, it actually IS designed to help you grow your affiliate downline with TrafficWave, specifically.

Obviously, the Team OceanSwell co-op is a plan and a system for growing your TrafficWave affiliate business that strongly encourages the use of the autoresponder itself.  I highly recommend Get Referrals Fast for similar reasons.  It's a downline-builder for TrafficWave and it has systems and training to help anyone get the most out of the product and email marketing in general.

Infinity Cash Formula is a variation of these ideas in that it's a downline-builder that's packed with training material.  The difference is that the system is first and foremost, a marketing plan for a famous program called, Infinity Dowline.  In fact, if you have no intention of joining Infinity Downline, then this system isn't for you.  However, getting set-up with with new promotion plan is a multi-step process in which the system asks you to join Infinity Downline and TrafficWave (along with a couple of free lead-generation programs).  The catch is, that the software won't let you advance to the next step until you complete the each one, in order.  The goal is to have the prospect join all these programs, in order to receive a special link to their own personal back-office through which they too can market this system.  It's quite clever and, overall, this is a very slick package and effective presentation!  But it's not for everybody.  For one thing, it's a lot of work to set up and the promotional activities that they recommend take a lot of thought and a LOT of effort.  Also, the concept behind Infinity Downline's comp plan is very complex and hard for many to wrap their heads around at first.  Of course, you have to ask yourself the question, "How bad do I wanna' be rich?"  Only you can answer that, but your answer will determine what you're willing to learn and do in order to get there.

But speaking of questions, you may be asking, "Well, what if I'm already in TrafficWave or Infinity Downline?  Can I still use this program?  Technically, the answer is no.  However, it's really up to your sponsor.  Since I'm putting this Team Update out to existing TrafficWave members, I clearly don't care if you join this program with your existing TW account.  If I'm your sponsor, it's fine with me!  Which brings me to the final topic regarding this new promotion system.  In the back office, you are supplied with a very compelling squeeze page, a letter series and detailed instructions on how to plug the letters into your TrafficWave AR.  However, if you do this, take your time and do it right.  This is a crucial part of getting set up with the system and doing it right means that you won't regret doing it wrong later!  Trust me, this thing is complicated enough.  If you get excited about how much you can earn and then start rushing things, you can end up with an AR series that's a sloppy, screwed up mess.  If you're really going to do this, think, plan and act... carefully.

To be honest, I'm not exactly in love with the AR series they've written for this thing.  I think that there's too many letters and they are they sent out too often.  But that's just a matter of personal taste.  Also, the original author put his own name in there from time to time and includes some irrelevant links in the p.s. in some letters.  I deleted some of those p.s. comments and even a couple of the letters too.  There are spelling errors as well (even in some of the headlines) that lead me to suspect that writing the AR series was a hurried affair done towards the end of this thing's development process.  If you are going to use the squeeze page with this letter series, you will have to slowly and methodically go through the letters, line by line, in order to switch out the links, change all references to name & gender to yours, and correct grammar and punctuation where necessary.  Like I said, it's a big job but you only have to do it right one time.  And one more thing, they very oddly instruct you to convert the letters to plain-text format, though I see no need to.

Oh, and before I wrap-up this Update, I need to mention that Ms. Marla Scipio has been awarded the $40.00 cash bonus this month for being a long-time, loyal Team promoter.  She can do with it what she wishes but (as always), I suggest that it be used to purchase a share in Brian Rooney's December co-op.  What would be a better Christmas present than some new, Active referrals, huh?