Friday, January 21, 2011

Something special is going on with Team Utopia

Team Atlantis is a sub-group of Team OceanSwell and Team Utopia is a sub-group of Team Atlantis. Confused yet? (laughing) It can get confusing!  Anyway, I promised Didi (OceanSwell Team Leader) that I would put this email exchange on my blog about this new thing... and so here it is.

I hope you LIKE reading (smile):

Hi Rusty, This is fantastic news. People are already making big bucks. Here is my latest broadcast. You will notice that since I sent the first email to you, there was a new "step up" program added. Thanks so much,



Hello Everybody,

What I am about to tell you in going to blow your mind.  But first, I would like to ask all of you who are not receiving the Team Utopia updates to please complete the squeeze page via the link below. If you haven't been receiving Team Utopia updates, you have missed the fact that we have had 32 members cycle from EZ-BizBuilder (EBB) intoEZ-Biz1000 (EB1000). And better yet, 5 of those members have cycled from EBB1000 and have received $500.00 deposited into the AlertPay accounts. This program is absolutely outstanding. I truly don't have the words to express how very exciting this is to myself and to our members.

Our most recent member to receive the $500.00 sent me the following email...

"Hi Didi Is this for real?? I am so excited. Thank you for telling me about EzBizBuilder. I joined at your suggestion and I just can't believe it!  I came home from a pretty ordinary day at work to find $500 in my AlertPay account... and all from cycling through EzBizBuilder. This is just amazing and so are you. Thank you so much for everything you do. I love Team Utopia and I can't wait to get my next $1000. Thank you, thank you, thank you...woooo hoooo. I am so happy..can'tyou tell? LOL

Take care,  Rae Collier"

And what did it cost her?... $39.95 plus AlertPay fees and time promoting Team Utopia. You gotta love it!!!  Don't miss another exciting update from Team Utopia. Please complete this squeeze page. :-)

And now for the HUGE announcement. Whoooo Hooooo!! Most of you have received information regarding EBB in a previous broadcast, so I will start with the announcement of a great new program. For those of you who have not read about EBB yet, you will find full details near the end of this email and you will have two options to choose from. 1. Join EZ-Biz Builder directly or 2. Join EZ-Biz Builder Quick Cash (EBBQC) Now then, EBB has launched a pre-program to EBB. The pre-program is called EZ-Biz Builder Quick Cash. The cost for this program is only $22.00 and the first time you cycle, you will receive $10.00 back and a new position in EBB. So in essence, the cost is $12.00. Now then, the second time you cycle in EBBQC and every time thereafter, you will receive $50.00. Plus every time that someone you have sponsored cycles, you will receive a bonus of $10.00. This is beyond fantastic.

This new program allows those who are leery about spending $39.95 and for those who perhaps just don't have the funds available for entering EBB directly to start with EZ-BizQuickCash to join for half the cost and cycle into EBB. You can call this a "step up" program. This new program will not only put quick cash in your pocket, it will push all members already in EBB to cycle faster. So, if you already have an account with EBB, it would be very much in your best interest to go ahead and join this program also. You can believe that I did. Whoooo Hooooooo!!! If you are currently an EBB member, It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you add your affiliate ID number directly behind your last name when completing your info in EBBQC. I will also need you to send me your EBBQC ID number once you have received it. Please allow 24 hours to receive confirmation from EBBQC. Please use this link to join EBBQC. You may also choose to join EBB directly through the link provided near the end of this email. One time fee of $22.00 even.

I feel the need to explain EBB for those that are reading about it for the first time. Ez-BizBulder has a quick 2x3 matrix (which means you'll receive 2members, then they will receive 2, and then their two will receive 2 and you cycle). When you cycle, you get a free entry into "Ez-Biz1000" (a value of 350 dollars) which is based on an infinite number of personal 2x2 cyclers.  The cyclers that will fill your 2 x 2 will be your downline from EZ-BizBuilder. It is a follow your sponsor system. :-)

A 2x2 cycle requires only 6 members to complete. When cycling the first time from EZBiz1000, you will receive $500 cash, an auto re-entry of your original position into the next available spot and also a bonus position. And this is only the beginning, because each time your original position cycles again, you receive $1,000 cash and each time your bonus position cycles, you receive another $1,000 cash, an autore-entry of that bonus position, plus another bonus position. This will eventually create for you numerous positions and therefore numerous payments of $500 and $1,000 over and over again. And if you think that's something, keep reading because the best part hasn't even started yet. As we build the team and your original 2X3 matrix (the "Ez-Bizbuilder") cycles for the second time, you get a free entry into Sunrise Travel (a value of $325.00 dollars). This is where it really becomes exciting, as you can earn $10.00 dollars over and over again. Sunrise Travel also reward their members with laptops and even cars. The entire Sunrise Travel Compensation Plan can beviewed at the end of this email via a link to their site.

In a nutshell, with a one time fee of $39.95 (plus AlertPay processor fee) you will be on your way to earn $500, $1000 and $10.000 over and over again for life. You might be thinking that $39.95 is a lot to ask, but hold that thought and think of it this way. This is a one time fee, it is not a monthly fee program. You pay once. That's right, only one payment of $39.,95 and you're in for life. Let's put it this way, what Ez-Bizbuilder offers for that price is the most affordable one-timecost available program for this level of return.

This is going to be huge folks. And it's only just begun. Now then, as many of you know, I also lead up Team Utopia. Team Utopia is now promoting EBB. We have already had thirty two (32) members cycle from EBB into EBB1000. And it gets even better; five (5) of thethirty two (32) that have cycled from EBB into EBB1000 have cycled again and have received their first $500.00 payment. And what did it cost them? $39.95. You got it; just $39.95. Team Utopia will assign members to anybody (non TA members, free trial TA members and upgraded TA members) who join Team Utopia and Ez-BizBuilder. New members will be placed from top to bottom, left to right in the matrix. Each member will receive two (2) affiliates beneath them.  Remember, your first two will also be receiving signups from the team and their signups will be receiving signups from the team. This will fill your matrix so you only need 2 directs. :-)

To join EBB directly, please use this link. Also, be sure to send meyour affiliate link.

My Team Utopia email:

Remember, once you cycle from EZ-BizBuilder, you will receive freeentry into EZ-Biz100o and then once you cycle from there, you will receive free entry into Sundrise Travel Club.

Sunrise Travel link:

Truly EZ-Biz Quick Cash and/or Ez-BizBuilder are the way to go. A onetime fee for a lifetime of cycling members beneath you. You owe it to yourself to make 2011 a very prosperous new year. If you have any questions at all, please ask away. Looking forward to hearing from you. Didi Wargo, Atlantis Team Leader & Utopia Team Leader

On 1/19/11, Rusty Shelton wrote:  I signed up and paid my money. My link is:

Go ahead and send me your broadcasts. I'll make them into blog posts and put whatever link (or links) you want. My blogs are starting to get more and more traffic - and that's good!  I really don't have time for another Team-Build. NO way. But I can certainly help bring in new referrals. When they join, I'll just send them to you so that you can interact with them. ~Rusty

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:07:46 -0600; Subject: Re: Team Atlantis - EZBizBuilder; From:  To:

Hi Rusty; Thank you for requesting to join EZBizBuilder (EBB). It's true, you do not have to personally sponsor anybody to either of these two programs. :-)  This link is a generic link to join and upgrade through. You will be placed> in the correct position and receive your EBB ID once you have joined and upgraded. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive confirmation from Cathrine Feehley, owner of EBB.  Also, please join with an email address other than Yahoo. If you do not,  there's a good chance that you will not receive the email wherein your link will be provided. It is highly recommended that you use a gmail address.

Once you have joined, please send me your EBB affiliate link.

If you would like to have the broadcasts that I have sent to my people please just let me know. It would probably be easier for you to copy and & paste than to write it yourself. Also, I need to know if you will be doing a team build with it or if you will be sending your folks to me. This is really really taking off.

Didi Wargo, Utopia Team Leader On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 9:15 AM, Rusty Shelton; Hey Didi, I have been SUPER busy at my job and we're also in the middle of moving to a new house. Anyway, give me the link you want me to enroll through and I'll do it today for you ~Me

Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 13:56:18 -0600> Subject: Team Atlantis - EZBizBuilder From:> To:;

Hi Guys, Recently, Team Utopia has switched from AD6 to EZBizBuilder. I have shared it with my members and the response has been overwhelming. I am sharing it with you today because I really think that you ought to consider EZBizBuilder.  You can either share this with your contacts and have them contact me or you can start your own team build. Obviously, I would like you to start by joining under one of our Team Utopia members. This is excellent. I'm not kidding either of you. I joined just over three weeks ago and have made $1,000.00 and the money is in my AP account.  Please get back with me after reading the details below. Obviously, the sooner folks get in, the better. Below is an email that I sent to our  members. 

All the best, ~Didi