Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two MORE ways to promote your TrafficWave affiliate link

Besides the flat-rate pricing, good deliverability and other features, the #1 reason to use TrafficWave is (of course) the affiliate pay plan. That's what Team OceanSwell is all about and that's why you're reading this. TrafficWave's famous affiliate plan is well-known throughout the industry and there are numerous other programs and systems designed to help build your TrafficWave affiliate downline as well.

Team OceanSwell isn't the only one, and there will no doubt be more in the future.

The purpose of this blog post is to briefly make you aware of two that I use. These two are for advanced marketers who have the time, resources and dedication to devote to them. What I mean to say is that they're not for everybody. There are numerous, labor-intensive steps involved in getting them set up and they're just a lot of work in general. I am involved with both of these because some people like one better than the other one, and visa versa.

However, the creators of both of these systems understand the potential of TrafficWave's comp plan and you can use your existing account with either one. In addition to that, these are both complete and self-contained businesses.

As I said, I'm not telling you to join one of them (or even suggesting it). But you should at least be aware that they exist - as one of the two may or may not interest you as your Email Marketing business continues to evolve.

If you care to take a glance at these, here are the links:

Secret Stash Factory  and  Infinity Cash Formula

All the best,

Rusty L. Shelton (OceanSwell Team Leader and Founder)