Thursday, January 6, 2011

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#68)

What's the magic 'secret' to earning money online?  80% of it is showing up. Everything else is the other 20%. That much, I can assure you is true. By the way, this applies to anything - be it going to a college class, taking guitar lessons, or starting an online business. That is where the overwhelming vast majority of people 'fail'. By fail, what I really mean is quit. They get all excited about something they want to do or achieve, but then when it comes time to actually work for it, they never even get started. They plan, think, talk, dream, and fantasize about all the success they are going to have (and all the money they are going to make!), but that's about all that they'll ever do. They just talk about doing it.

In fact, most people fail at everything because most people quit at everything.

After taking that first step (i.e. showing up to work), which 80% of people fail to do regardless of how badly they say they want something, it then becomes an issue of consistence, persistence and continuous adjustment. What do I mean by this? Well, obviously persistence is continuing to do something until you succeed and being consistent means doing it on a schedule.  But is this in itself enough? Of course not. If you're doing something and it's not working at all, you need to change your approach - maybe not even all that much! You must study and analyze why what you're doing is failing and modify your game plan. This is called learning and it's how you succeed.

There is no magic potion, formula or secret.  Sorry.  That's just an illusion. There is no fast, easy shortcut to success.  Nor is there a replacement for hard work and intelligent thought. There is no other way to succeed than to throw yourself into something, stick with it, learn while you go, and continually modify your approach until you reach your desired results. That's about all there is to it.

Think it over, and then ask yourself where what you're doing right now will get you. The choice is yours, but just remember that you don't "fail" in life, you quit. As long as you learn from not achieving a goal you set out to accomplish and use what you've learned to properly modify your game plan and keep going, there is no such thing as failure. The only time you will ever "fail" in life is when you either never get started, or you say, "I quit."

In my own 'Internet Marketing Journey', I've come to believe that using systems that others can duplicate is the best method for building MLM affiliate downlines. Team Oceanswell is one such system, as it applies to TrafficWave and Global NPN.

I also use a system for promoting TW Power Revolution and for Infinity Downline as well. Why promote more than one thing? Because some people will like one system but won't like another, that's why. That's sales. If you can't get 'em with one, them get 'em with the other one. I am telling you this because it's something that I've learned over time... because I didn't quit. And because I didn't quit, I began to learn what works and what doesn't - and also to accept how long it really takes to get anywhere with online business. As a result, I've developed patterns I repeat over and over to get results. I call this having a plan and a system. If you've got a plan and a system that been proven to work (even if it's just a little!), then your job is to amplify those results in every way that you can.

For example, if your website or blog is beginning to pick up a little web traffic everyday, then your job is to: A) Increase that traffic B) Get more out of the traffic when visitors come to your site C) Create more websites!

By now, I'm sure that many of you have made something called a 'New Year's Resolution' (such as losing weight or quitting smoking). Those resolutions typically don't last for more than a week and I never make them. In fact, I made my resolution a long time ago - and that's to earn a full-time living online and be Free as a result. I'm on my way! So or a lot of you... I know you are!  So what are my goals for 2011, with regard to my online business and (of course) Team OceanSwell?  I've decided that my personal goal for 2011 is to create one new money-making website a day.  You read that right:  365 websites!  And most of these will links to our Team URL's.  You can look at one of them here.  (new window) Why am I doing this?  Because I never quit and I never stop LEARNING.  One of the things I have learned is that it takes a truly massive amount of advertising to get anywhere in this business.  That's what spawned the idea of the original Oceanswell Team Ads and the process of collective advertising and recruiting.  It's still a great idea and that's why everybody and his brother has a Team like ours now.  That's fine, but we have to keep growing and expanding and I know that I have to keep doing more to drive huge amounts of web traffic to our Team links.