Friday, March 26, 2010

Internet Marketing Tips from Team OceanSwell - Part IX

When it comes to driving web traffic, blogging is truly gigantic. There are just so many ways to make a blog (or multiple blogs) work for you. Over and over again, you will see me talking about 'the long term' approach to Internet Marketing. Building up a blog is no exception. It takes a long time to truly bring one to life and get real business benefits from it. But the results are worth it. If they weren't, you wouldn't see so MANY of them out there! For one thing, not everybody can create a sales website. On the other hand, anybody can put up a blog - and a blog can function in the same way as any other website can. Even better, blogging platforms like Google's are FREE to use, and they are hosted for free.

Have you ever noticed how your Google searches turn up results that aren't necessarily a relevant website, but are (instead) a blog? Have you noticed that this happens a LOT? The reason for this is that there are many more blog posts that apply to any given topic than there are specific websites related to it! Those magic little 'search engine spiders' (or whatever they are) are constantly probing and scanning the web - picking up content, sorting it, ranking it, sifting it, etc.. But one thing is for certain: Blog content gets picked up by search engines. For example, google the phrase Team OceanSwell.

You NEED a business blog and you need to add content to it regularly. This post isn't designed to tell you how, but that's not a great mystery. A quick look around the Internet will turn up thousands of tutorials for setting up and promoting a blog. It's incredible! But the beauty of promoting your blog is that it's uniquely 'you'. It changes every time that you update it with new content and it's a fantastic way to connect (on a human level) with you visitors or affiliate downline. And what I like about it is that there really aren't any rules. Creativity and inventiveness is very, VERY important in this business! On your blog, you can be yourself, tell stories, add pictures of you and your family, your pets or whatever! As far as TrafficWave is concerned, it's easy to add the subscription form to a blog. In fact, it's a MUST.

Just remember, the Internet is a cold and lifeless thing. It's a machine. Like a toaster or washing machine, it's a robot. Signing up affiliate referrals in your TrafficWave downline is a lot of work!Retaining them (and helping them to do the same with their referrals) is just as much work. And, of course, it never ends. But when your associates and referrals can see you and get to know you through your blog, it adds a personal/human element that would otherwise be lacking. One of the greatest things about the whole Team OceanSwell idea is the way in which it forges new relationships between people who wouldn't normally interact with each other. A good blog will amplify and enhance that effect. Even though it's 'the Internet' where we are digging for gold, those with whom you do business are living and breathing souls. You need to connect with them online just like you would if you were face to face - by letting them into your world a little bit and getting to know each other.

I know you're tired of reading by now, but there's one more vitally important thing to mention. You must constantly strive to drive traffic to your business blog, in every conceivable way! Always, always, ALWAYS be searching for new ways to add back-links to your blog. Never, ever stop. Add new content as often as possible and pack your post titles and content with key words. But most important of all, design your blog as the kind of site that YOU would like to visit -especially if you were just getting started with Internet Marketing. The key to success with your blog is to pay attention to it and make a study of driving traffic to it. It's a never-ending learning process and it is fundamental to your success with TrafficWave and/or anything else having to do with online business.