Thursday, March 4, 2010

Internet Marketing Tips from Team OceanSwell - Part VI

When you are using your autoresponder for a letter series and/or broadcast messages, one of the basic things that we all need to understand is how to inform, teach and motivate in an honest and professional manner. As they say, "PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING". If you don't believe what you're saying, people can sense it. There are a lot of liars in this business and the fastest way to ruin your subscriber list is to become one yourself. Never try to sell something to your readers that YOU don't believe in. That's the worst thing you could do.

So don't publish misleading ads in order to entice opt-in subscribers and don't make promises (in your ads or letters) that you can't keep. Speaking of ads, TrafficWave has many good templates and the newer video and Matrix-Buster pages are very good. I use Instant Splash Page Maker (not free), Instant Squeeze Page Generator (free) and there's a newer one out there that's also free - Instant Splash.

You're not going to get many subscribers unless you have good-looking, eye-catching ads that entice potential subscribers with a good REASON to opt-in. With the Team OceanSwell Ads, the reason for opting in is to learn about a service (i.e. the Team Rotator) that will help build a real affiliate income with TrafficWave's pay plan. That's information that a lot of people want! So, in order to build your list, your ads must offer something that people WANT - especially the kind of people that you are marketing to. Give the people what they want, be honest and informative and you will have a growing and loyal subscriber base.

There are essentially two reasons for having a large mailing list on your autoresponder:

1) To sell 'em stuff.

2) In the case of a program like Team OceanSwell, to inform, update, coach, etc.

In either situation, the TrafficWave autoresponder is a MUST. So if you haven't started yet, please begin building your list today. List-building (and all that goes with it) is really the central pillar of creating a long-term, satisfying online income. It's THAT important...