Thursday, March 11, 2010

TrafficWave and Team OceanSwell - Part VI

Have you ever heard of Mel Fisher? He was a very famous treasure hunter who remains one of my heroes and who's story is a must-read for anyone in the online affiliate/MLM business. You can learn a little bit about him here, though I recommend reading his autobiography. Mel's signature saying was 'Today's the day!'. He said that every single time his crew went out to search for sunken, treasure-laden ships that he KNEW were there.

He'd go out to sea and the weather would send him back. He would organize one expedition after another as people mocked and ridiculed his efforts. 'You're a crackpot 'till you hit the jackpot', Mel would say. And then one day... he did. When he finally discovered his quest, the sunken treasure ship called 'Nuestra SeƱora de Atocha', he and his team saw gold bars strewn across the sea bed as far as the eye could see. In fact, a lot of it's still there! His personal story is AMAZING and should serve as a constant inspiration for anyone searching for online riches.

I bring up Mel Fisher's life story because, unlike Mel, most people will give up searching long before they ever find the online treasure chest that they're seeking. That's because it's well hidden, as are the keys to open it! But there are treasure maps and other clues available to all who will relentlessly seek for them. And the ones who will never, never quit are the ones who will find them.

About me: I've built a successful online business using the ideas, methods and programs contained in this blog. So can you. What do I mean by 'successful'? I mean that I am in the profit every month and that profit continues to grow steadily (slowly, but steadily) every single month - and will keep growing forever. Has it been easy? No, it has not. I won't lie to you. It has NOT been easy. It feels great now, but it didn't for a long time! Like Mel Fisher, I 'went out to sea' many times and returned empty handed and poorer for having funded the trip. But, like Mel, I'm one of those crazy people who kept at it even when it wasn't working. And that's how I am able to share my experiences with you.

Here are some truths about online success:

~ It's going to take longer than you think
~ It WILL work if you stay with it
~ You have to spend a little before earning anything (i.e. take risks)
~ You need a system
~ You must have patience
~ You must continuously improve your methods

Of course, it goes without saying: Don't quit! To be honest with you, most people fail because they gave up way too soon. That's really the 'secret' that everyone seems to be searching for and it's the ultimate clue that will lead you to online riches. Given good, solid companies and marketing plans, the VAST majority of those who fail simply gave up too quickly. There is this strange illusion that online business is different from offline ('brick and mortar') businesses. It isn’t. Just because it's 'online' doesn't coat it with magic pixie dust. It's the same thing. Be realistic, treat your business as a BUSINESS and never, never quit.

The treasure awaits. Why not let Team OceanSwell help you in your quest to uncover it?