Thursday, March 11, 2010

Internet Marketing Tips from Team OceanSwell - Part VII

In this business, one thing that you're going to want to do on a continual basis is track the results of your various ads and/or ad campaigns in any way you can. These days, there are plenty of good marketing systems out there which include a tracking feature - TrafficWave and TE Tool Box, for example. There are plenty of others.

You might as well know that you're limiting your success if you don't test and re-test various versions of your ads to see which pull the best results. Things like ad headlines, graphics, special offers or even where you are running the ad - all of that should be tracked. Do NOT ignore these tools! I realize that for many people, Internet Marketing is more of an interesting hobby or diversion than anything else. But if you're truly serious about this, then you are going to need to use ad-tracking so that you can fine-tune your marketing message for MAXIMUM impact. You do want maximum impact, right? Of course you do!

On another note, you do know that you can market off-line, right? Yeah, I know. It's the thing that nobody wants to do. But that's why nobody does it. Charity groups, church fundraisers, little league clubs, college business clubs and many similar groups would be perfect places to give a little presentation to. I've actually had some success with old-school business cards and fliers. If you're clever and inventive, you might be surprised at the results you can get! One of the keys to successful advertising is to do it where nobody else is. If you really, really want want you think you want (online success, a better job or even a mate!), then marketing needs to become a part of your every day life. In fact, it should actually BE a lifestyle. Whether you are selling a product, selling a service (such as Team OceanSwell) or selling yourself, you need to be using every available tool at your disposal. But remember, these tools and tactics only work if you USE them.