Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Internet Marketing Tips from Team OceanSwell - Part VIII

Here's what I call a Major Rule in Internet Marketing: Know Your Product

Why do you expect that people will desire to buy the product or service that you are marketing online? What's the primary benefit? Like, why SHOULD they do it, rather than just keeping their money? I'm serious. There needs to be a reason that you can explain, both distinctly and succinctly. In the case of TrafficWave and/or the Team OceanSwell idea, what exactly is it that you're selling and why should anyone pay for TrafficWave or be a part of this Team promotion system? If asked these questions directly, do you have a ready answer?

If not, don't feel bad. MOST people can't sum up the primary benefit of whatever they're promoting in a few simple words. But think about it. If you can't do that, how on earth can you convince average people to get out their credit cards and join your programs or buy your products and services? Obviously, as a Team OceanSwell member, the letters, Updates and blog will do a lot of that for you - not to mention the mountain of information available in the TW Back Office and Discussion Forum. But imagine that a friend or relative is sitting there with you and is genuinely interested in what you are 'doing online'. What if they ask you to explain it? What if others are there listening as well? Could you do it?

I'm asking you these questions for a reason. Most people 'freeze up' when asked about their online business because they simply aren't prepared to explain it. If you can't briefly explain to someone else (in a face-to face setting) what it is that you do online, then it could be that you don't truly believe in it. It's my contention that the PRIMARY reason people give up and quit so quickly in this business is because - deep down - they don't really believe in it. I've been around MLM for a long time and I can tell you that most people who try their hand at it are lazy and afraid, in that order. The Internet only exasperates the problem.

Bottom line: Become an EXPERT on your product, service or program. Know it inside and out. Actually use it and become good at using it. That's fundamental to success with any sales program. The Internet creates the fantasy of 'click, click, clicking' your way to a fortune. But that fantasy ignores the fundamental rules of selling anything - and there aren't any new fundamentals. Always remember this phrase, 'Nothing happens until something is sold', because you'll never successfully sell anything that you don't understand and believe in. Have a student's mindset at all times. Make this business a STUDY and you will be one of those who seems so 'lucky' to everyone else.