Sunday, March 27, 2011

TrafficWave - OceanSwell TEAM Update (#70)

Is online MLM an investment?  Of course it is!  Take Global NPN for example.  Let's say (for example) that you earn $200.00 a month with your recurring affiliate sales.  That is $2,400 annually - pre-tax, of course.  To earn $2,400 annually from a conservative investment of savings - let's just say 5% - you would need to have accumulated almost $50,000 in cash. 

Think about that.

$200 a month in online income is roughly the same as having $50,000 invested in treasury bills.  THAT'S why online business is worth the time and effort.  You're creating your own pension!  To think of it another way... how long would it take you to save up $50,000 to invest?  Would it take a long time?  For most people, the answer is yes!  That's why it's so silly to complain about 'how long' it takes to create dependable, online cash flows.  You'll either do it or you won't.  But 'how long' it takes is relative to 'how long' it would take you to amass a cash fortune that could throw off interest income that you could live on.  At least, this is how I tend to look at it.  For example, I can earn close to $30.00 an hour in my work (depending on a number of factors).  My wife works too, and so we do alright.  In fact, we just moved into a bigger house.  But I've calculated that my online business activities pay around $3.00 and hour - that's right, about 1/10th of what I earn at my regular job.  So why do it, right?  Don't you ever ask yourself that question:  "Why the hell am I still doing this?"

It's because of the AWESOME long-term earning potential.  Remember, once your online cash-flows are up and running, they tend to stay there and grow!  What if you earned $1,000 a month online?  Again, that's the rough equivalent of having almost 1/4 MILLION ($250,000) invested in treasury bills.  Are you starting to see the light?

So my point today is to remind you of why you're in this business and the incredible power that the affiliate programs of both TrafficWave and Global NPN possess.  And despite anything you've heard or read, Team OceanSwell is here to stay and we are simply going to continue to function the way we've always functioned.  I may tweek the letters in the core AR series now and then (as well as our ads), but you are in the Rotator (these days, a revolving URL) so long as you are a member.  And that's a good investment in your future.  Never, never forget that!

As for February's $40.00 bonus recipient, that award goes out to Ms. Maria Melas (TW username 'Houstongreek').  Maria has been a Team Member for over a year and has been promoting very aggressively lately.  Congratulations, Maria!